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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Emiko Davies. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Emiko Davies, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Emiko Davies. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Emiko Davies, often where they are interviewed.

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S1 E5 MotherFood with Emiko Davies, Tuscany-based cookbook author and food photographer, and a mom of two

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Join me and my next guest, food writer, author of 3 cookbooks and mum of two, Emiko Davies. We spoke about her passion for Italian art & food, her mixed Japanese-Australian (food) heritage, Italy's food history and postpartum traditions, as well as of Emiko's new family lifestyle in quarantine and what it was like to write a cookbook during nap times.  Emiko also shares some of her favourite family recipes. Let us know what you think on Instagram @alissatimoshkina and @emikodavies

May 15 2020 · 50mins
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Staying Home with Emiko Davies

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Staying home in Florence for this special edition of Come For Supper is Emiko Davies, Australian-Japanese food writer, photographer and author of the cookbooks Florentine: The True Cuisine of Florence (2016), Acquacotta (2017) and Tortellini at Midnight (2019).

Come for Supper: The Stay Home Edition sees Alexandra catch up with her favourite cooks, creatives, writers and photographers during lockdown. From TV tips, to must-read books and store cupboard recipes, Alex’s guests share their tips for making the most out of staying in.

Come for Supper sees host Alexandra Dudley sit down with artists, actors, authors and chefs to discuss how they like to serve supper. In the show we learn about the guest’s culinary tips, tales and disasters whilst learning a little about their life along the way. From their dream dinner party guests, to their kitchen essentials, we dive deep into the world of food and the joy of having people come for supper.

This is a Studio71 production. 

Producer - Jack Claramunt 

Assistant Producer - Winnie Simon

Exec Producer - Tom Payne & Jody Smith

Production Support - Phie McKenzie

Created by Alexandra Dudley

Studio71 is a Red Arrow Studios Company.

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May 13 2020 · 19mins

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EP 33- Emiko Davies author & foodie from Florence

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Australian born Emiko Davies studied fine art in the US & furniture restoration in Italy, falling in love with Florence she now lives & writes books like Florentine & tortellini at midnight with her husband & 2 girls- connecting through cooking.
Apr 05 2020 · 1hr
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A Conversation with Food Writer, Cookbook Author and Photographer Emiko Davies about Italy, Books and Family.

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Welcome to Episode #7:   A Conversation with Cookbook Author, Food Writer and Photographer Emiko Davies about Italy, Books and Family.......

I had a lovely time over coffee at Tilley’s Lyneham on a chilly winters morning in Canberra chatting and getting to know Emiko and all of the wonderful details about her three cookbooks and how she started as a Food Blogger in Florence, Italy.

I very much enjoyed this conversation forgetting that I am on the recording too, hence all of my oohs and ahhs while listening in rapture to the wonderful details of Emiko’s life.  

Studying art restoration and etching, living in Florence, starting a Tuscan food blog to cure her creative energy and fuel her days, getting the call to write a book, navigating motherhood and Florence, moving to the Maremma in the middle of writing and completing ‘Florentine’, observing and eating seasonally..........All of it a fabulous journey to partake in and share.

I love book publishing stories so had to get to the bottom of how and when this all happened and Emiko is a wonderful story teller so I am grateful she had the time to chat in the lively ambience of Tilley’s on a bustling Monday morning, jazz tunes and all.  

Visit Emiko at www.emikodavies.com

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About A Writer in Italy Podcast:

Five years ago Michelle Johnston traveled to Italy to create space for herself and her writing.  Michelle traveled solo giving herself time to recalibrate after many years of parenting and life in general.  Leaving her husband to take care of the family she reconnected with her writing, her art and her love of travel.

The adventure turned into the book and travel memoir...............

In the Shadow of a Cypress: An Italian Adventure.
A Writer in Italy is a Podcast about sharing the joys and wonders of travel, whether it be from the armchair at home with a favourite travel or cook book on Italy or wherever makes you happy or on a personal adventure in the world.  Enjoy.

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Oct 08 2019 · 1hr 2mins

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How to Cook Like.. Emiko Davies

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This week, Gilly Smith learns how to cook like Australian food writer, Emiko Davies whose book ‘Tortellini at Midnight’ tells the love story of her Italian family which journeys from Taranto to Turin and settles in Tuscany. With baby on hip, Emiko cooks up Polpette di Nonna Anna, served with freshly-made orechiette.

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May 08 2019 · 14mins
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Bonus episode - A day in Florence with Emiko Davies

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Ciao tutti! In this special bonus episode, we spend a day in Florence with Tuscan-based author, photographer and cook Emiko Davies. While wandering the markets and cooking lunch back at her home, Emiko shares her thoughts on social media, food writing and why food just seems to taste better in Italy! Hope you enjoy this one and we'll be back with a regular episode in a couple of weeks. Sophiex 

Jun 06 2017 · 30mins