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Beer & Gear with Willa Snow

Beer & Gear

In our premier episode we sit down and talk shop with Willa Snow, one of our favorite Austin area sound engineers/production managers. Willa talks about her career, how she got into this crazy business and her connections with SoundGirls. We talk new school vs old school consoles, dealing with guys in the audio industry and Shiner beer. So let's grab a cold one, and remember to tip your waitstaff! SoundGirls


28 Apr 2021

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Let's Talk Willa Snow in Audio

Let's Talk...Audio

Hello World! In this episode we visit with Willa Snow (https://www.willasnow.com/; IG @w.snow.audio), an Austin based sound engineer who does consulting, front-of-house, production management, . She is also the head of the Austin chapter of SoundGirls.org (https://soundgirls.org/willasnow/).We start off the interview discussing the finance, accounting, and bookkeeping know-how necessaries for gig life. We mention Rock n Roll Rentals in Austin, TX (https://rocknrollrentals.com), and the Rode PodMic (https://www.rode.com/microphones/podmic). Willa does production management for three ATX area bands: Corbella (https://www.corbellabandofficial.com/), Dossey (http://dosseymusic.com/), and Ley Line (https://www.leylinesound.com/). In addition she wears a number of other hats, "diversify your portfolio!" She uses Google calendar for gig life, and emphasizes that Google calendar really needs to offer more colors!Next up we discuss how studio time while at university was very much Willa's gateway drug to the world of audio. We discuss how Willa came to Austin, and how in the beginning of her audio career, she actually kinda hated live sound. But she learned it anyway, and largely through networking, and on-the-job training.Conspirare (https://conspirare.org/) brought Willa on one of her very first tours to work. Willa had a couple of tour jobs lined up for 2020, but alas, that pesky pandemic...Next we talked about hard work, and the fear of failing or looking bad. The humility to fail for the sake of learning and growth, is highlighted as a key mindset for the audio industry. We touch on the principle of "read the whole menu!" before getting back to the point of "it's ok to be terrible in the beginning!" Willa used to give herself "anti-pep pep talks" as a way to give herself permission to fail.We talk about the wonderful Dani Parks (https://rhythmgalaxy.com/dani-1) from The Belmont (https://www.thebelmontaustin.com/) who was on Let's Talk ... Audio previously (https://www.beatsinabottle.com/letstalkaudio). The Belmont is a wonderful venue to work with and they understand how important great organization is! Tangela shares how it is she met Dani Parks. There had been an event lined up with The Belmont of SXSW 2020 that Dani, Tangela, and Willa were all supposed to work together. In recalling how Willa had initially found out she would be working with them, "yay more estrogen! But I love my brothers in audio too!" However, being the only woman in the room gets a little old after a while. We discuss the disappointment we had at the SXSW cancellation.Willa strongly recommends listening to Primo the Alien (https://primothealien.com/). During the time of the SXSW cancellation and the start of Austin's lockdown, Willa, Primo, and some others started to organize a live stream gig. They had an anchor lady from KVUE (https://www.kvue.com/) on tap for the event as well as sponsorship from PreSonus (https://www.presonus.com/). Their DAW, Studio One 5 Artist was used to edit, mix and master this episode btw ;)Unfortunately that livestream event got cancelled as well due to Austin's shelter-in-place order (https://www.austintexas.gov/sites/default/files/files/Order%2020200324-007%20-%20Stay%20Home%20-%20Work%20Safe.pdf).After that cancellation, Willa found herself struggling with depression. So we talk about it, and how the pandemic has been a break from our busy lives and an opportunity for self-care. Willa sought help during that time, in the form of mental health service and therapy. We touch a little on the subject of trauma, and how suppressed problems tend to bubble up.We move on to discussing the pandemic's time for new pursuit of creative outlets, and time for friends. Willa has made friends with the guys at the Signal to Noise Podcast (https://www.prosoundweb.com/signal-to-noise-episode-34-live-mix-engineer-willa-snow/).Willa: "It's a time of loss, and pain, and mourning, and grief, but it's also a time of healing and remembering that, ya I'm a ... goal driven person ... but I'm also smart ... kind ... adaptive and I like to cook and I like to ..." etc."I had forgotten those parts of myself." Willa points out that the industry has suffered a lot of losses to suicide. "It's easy to get lost ... [but] There's a me, too ... underneath all of it."Tangela: "I spent two and a half weeks, laying on the floor ... I ended up reassessing what I want in life."From there we talk about goals and structure. Willa says she's a double Cancer with a Leo rising. Tangela shares how she got into podcasting, how Mugshots (her favorite bar in Austin, permanently closed now, https://austin.eater.com/2020/9/14/21436332/downtown-austin-bar-mugshots-closed) helped her think about podcasting.We move on to dealing with sexism in the workplace, and dealing with it in the hiring process. "If they decline offering you the job because you're a woman, then it's not a job that you want." Willa likes to nip things in the bud, to be firm and professional. There have been times Willa has reached out to SoundGirls.org for support with these issues. This is what it's for. They have resources for harassment in the workplace and can support you through the process.From there we move on to the topic of common misconceptions in audio. Willa shouts out Live Sound International Magazine's (https://www.livesoundint.com/) technical editor and writer Michael Lawrence, also of Rational Acoustics (https://www.rationalacoustics.com/), and their SMAART software.Did you know that clipping light on the front of your preamp is called the "Idiot Light"? They're designed to be more sensitive than the equipment is. Point being, your eyes and the GUI are a tool. You really should use your ears too.The real point is to give advice for people new to audio, and the number one suggestion is "Learn! ... We're giant nerds, and nerds love talking about things we're nerdy about!"As usual you can find Tangela on IG @letstalkaudiopodcast and @beatsinabottle, and on her website beatsinabottle.com.

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8 Apr 2021

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Episode 11: Working with effects with Willa Snow FOH/PM Corbella

Sound At The Source

In this episode, we discuss working with effects with Willa Snow FOH/PM Corbella . Willa Snow is the Austin, TX chapter head at https://soundgirls.org/Original music for this podcast is provided by Joshua Stromer https://www.joshuastromermusic.com/Other Links:Free multitrack sessions for mixing practice http://www.cambridge-mt.com/ms/mtk/Cool and helpful audio accessories http://soundtools.com/Fundamental frequencies https://www.teachmeaudio.com/recording/sound-reproduction/fundamental-harmonic-frequencies/Link to Bob McCarthy's website: https://bobmccarthy.com/https://madisonproaudio.com/


29 Aug 2020

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Episode 11: What's the future of the Gig Economy? With Willa Snow

Necia by Nature

Stephanie chats with Austin based audio engineer Willa Snow about what's happening in the world of freelance gig life. What relief resources are available and what does the future look like? Follow the Necia by Nature Podcast on Twitter and Instagram: Twitter: @neciaxnaturepodInstagram: @neciabynaturepod

1hr 5mins

20 Aug 2020

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34. Willa Snow

Signal To Noise Podcast

Willa Snow talks with the hosts about how she got her start in pro audio and what fuels her passion. Other topics include what house sound techs can expect from touring engineers coming through their venues, how mistakes can push us forward to the next level, where and how to find touring opportunities — and — worst catering stories!Based out of Austin, TX with a deep passion for the industry, Willa also serves as a chapter head for SoundGirls.Org, an organization dedicated to inspiring young women in the field of audio by providing educational and networking opportunities.A reminder — check out the Signal To Noise Facebook Group. It’s a space for listeners to create to generate conversations around the people and topics covered in the podcast — we want your questions and comments! Let’s build a great sound community with a place to learn, discuss and reminisce about the “good old days.”The Signal To Noise podcast series on ProSoundWeb, hosted by Live Sound/PSW technical editor Michael Lawrence and pro audio veterans Kyle Chirnside / Chris Leonard


23 Mar 2020

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Ep 4: Behind The Soundboard with Juno Black & Willa Snow

Backstage Chats with Women In Music

You’ll also hear: — Which skill set helps Juno in relating to multicultural acts and cities. — Willa’s experience working SXSW for the first time and how it took her out of her comfort zone. — What the ladies are seeing in shifting music trends, including looping. — A serendipitous story involving the Scottish band Lucia. — Tips for women who may want to become sound engineers. Credits: Hosted by Thea Wood. Produced by Allyson Holley. Guest Links: SoundGirls.Org Juno's Facebook Juno's Instagram Juno's Website Willa's Facebook Willa's Instagram Willa's Website


7 May 2019