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1797: Best of Series: Shirlene Reeves: The 3 Steps to Bigger Sales

Conscious Millionaire Show

Welcome to the Conscious Millionaire Show for entrepreneurs who want to build a high-profit business that makes an impact! Make Your First Million, with your Host, JV Crum III…  Shirlene Reeves: The 3 Steps to Bigger Sales Shirlene Reeves is one of only 253 Certified Financial Educators in the US, a web TV show host and a syndicated radio host on BBS Radio, and the author of SELLING THROUGH YOUR HEART - EMPOWERING YOU TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS FOR FINANCIAL FREEDOM. She is an in-demand international keynote speaker specializing in educating coaches, authors and entrepreneurs with answers for transforming their businesses by selling with heart, developing confidence, and stepping onto stages, web TV, podcasts and radio for massive, marketing visibility. Like this Podcast? Get every episode delivered to you free!  Subscribe in iTunes And, download your free gift today... Get the High Performer Formula to Make Millions – Click Here! Please help spread the word. Subscribing and leaving a review helps other entrepreneurs and business owners find our podcast… grow a high-profit business that makes an impact. Help your friends Become a Conscious Millionaire! They will thank you for it. Conscious Millionaire Network has over 2,000 episodes and 12 Million Listeners in 190 countries. Our original Conscious Millionaire Podcast was named in Inc Magazine as one of the Top 13 Business Podcasts!


3 Jul 2020

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Dumpster to Diamonds with Shirlene Reeves

Soul Nectar Show with Kerri Hummingbird

At her rock bottom during divorce, Shirlene Reeves was dumpster diving to feed her kids and living on the beach in a camper. In a pivotal moment, she realized she had the self mastery and leadership skills to turn it all around. She bootstrapped a company and brought it from zero to multi-millions with over 23,000 […]


21 Jun 2020

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Presenting Dr. Shirlene Reeves, Exceptional Woman of Excellence, LIVE!

H.O.L.D.F.A.S.T. Radio

"Please welcome Dr. Shirlene Reeves, Awarded the ‘Exceptional Woman of Excellence 2019’ by the Women Economic Forum.  Dr. Reeves is a four-time award-winning author, media personality, and motivational speaker who has journeyed from dumpster diving to diamonds. For seventeen years, she was the CEO of her nationwide Corporation, which she bootstrapped from zero to multi-millions with over 23,000 working under her. She is an international speaker, a #1 International/4 time award winning author, a Web TV host, and a worldwide syndicated podcast host. Dr. Shirlene specializes in coaching small business entrepreneurs with proven strategies that build global, high-income, heart-based businesses." -A. GriemeA. Grieme is a radio host and author of H.O.L.D F.A.S.T - Ride Out Parenting With Bipolar Disorder, 2020, Paging Dr. Freedman, 2019, "Dear Prudence" 2009 (the inspiration behind Paging Dr. Freedman) and Motherhood Made ME Get Over MYSELF:  A Metamorphosis, 2014.  Grieme chooses writing, coaching, teaching and radio as her creative, cathartic mediums to help others. A. Grieme's harrowing experience with bipolar disorder allows her the opportunity to help, not hide from the stigmatized mental illness. ENDEAVORS:http://www.amandagriemeauthor.comhttp://www.amazon.com/H-L-D-F-S-T-Parenting-ebook/http://www.linkedin.com/in/amandagrieme/http://www.amazon.com/Amanda-Grieme/https://web.facebook.com/groups/AuthorsSpeakersVisibilityPlayground/

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27 Mar 2020

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Selling Through The Heart - With guest speaker Shirlene Reeves

Relationships At Work Podcasts

If you’re concerned about market competition, meeting sales quotas, or overcoming the anxiety of building a viable business that will last your lifetime, then the knowledge and information in Selling Through Your Heart will help you take it to the next level with your business and customers so you can achieve all that you desire.Shirlene Reeves, longtime entrepreneur, sales coach, and builder of a multi-million-dollar nationwide company with 23,000 people working under her, shares her long-sought after success secrets with Dr. Debra on "Your Presence Matters" podcast.


16 Jan 2019

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Ascended Masters At Work with Shirlene Reeves,Guest, Leslie Juvin-Acker

Ascended Masters At Work

Show SummaryLeslie Juvin-Acker joins host Shirlene Reeves to discuss a different perspective toward a woman's understanding of how to make money work. You'll discover why your perceived value and what you charge is worth so much more than you think. Entrepreneurs get new insights on business and how to enhance your understanding of money.Show HighlightsDiscover your first thought when you hear the word moneyFind out why most hearlers think it's unethical to charge money for their servicesLearn how money and your purpose flow together to assist with developing your businessFind out what your clients are thinking when it comes to the rates you chargeThe secret to getting on the Money Formula Freedom TrainLeslie's Gift To My Listeners: Download the Happiness Decks app FREE on Apple Store/Google Play Store www.leslieinc.org/appJoin Us On Social MediaAscended Masters Facebook Fan Page: https://fb.me/AscendedMastersAtWorkYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCsn2-RT2MsAscended Masters Home Page: https://maximizeyourwealthnow.com/ascended-masters-at-workTwitter: https://twitter.com/MastersSpeakITunes: https://feed.pippa.io/public/shows/5b20ea49f94d3c875e319c47#Speakers, #Coaches, #Healers, #entrepreneurs, #SellingThroughYourHeart, Shirlene Reeves, #Business, #Sales, #MaximizeYourWealthNow, #speaking, #authors, #stages, #keynote, #TedTalks, #podcasts, #media, #AscendedMastersAtWork, Leslie Juvin-Acker, #moneu See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


12 Dec 2018

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Ascended Masters at Work with Shirlene Reeves, Guest, Brian Smith

Ascended Masters At Work

SummaryIf you have a pair of Ugg boots sitting in your closet or on your feet right now you can't help but wonder who brought them to your attention and what mistakes and growth that were learned along the way. Brian Smith, the guest on this show is launching his new book The Birth Of A Brand in an effort to support entrepreneurs in getting further along on their path. On this show I bring you the real story behind the story. I know you're going to love it.Host Shirlene Reeves features Brian SmithShow HighlightsGet the secret formula for successful brand marketingFind out how Uggs got started 40 years agoDiscover how they became a fashion statement & who wore them first in the U.S.Find out what timing makes an impact on your product launchThe importance of knowing your target market "You don't have to know the end result when you start out." Brian SmithGet Brian's book: The Birth Of A Brand on Amazonhttps://www.amazon.com/Birth-Brand-Brian-Smith/dp/1582705356Selling Through Your Heart on Amazon:https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/1944335951/ref=sr_1_1_olp?ie=UTF8&qid=1542160410&sr=8-1&keywords=selling+through+your+heartJoin Us On Social MediaAscended Masters Facebook Fan Page: https://fb.me/AscendedMastersAtWorkYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCsn2-RT2MsAscended Masters Home Page: https://maximizeyourwealthnow.com/ascended-masters-at-workTwitter: https://twitter.com/MastersSpeakITunes: https://feed.pippa.io/public/shows/5b20ea49f94d3c875e319c47 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


14 Nov 2018

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Episode 044 – How did Shirlene Reeves Demonstrate Her 3-Step Heart-Selling Process?

Cracking the Entrepreneur Code Podcast

In Episode 044, Jack continued his interview with Ms. Shirlene Reeves, who is one of only 253 Certified Financial Educators in the US, a syndicated radio host on BBS Radio and as a business success coach she wrote the book on SELLING THROUGH YOUR HEART - EMPOWERING YOU TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS FOR FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Shirlene will […] The post Episode 044 – How did Shirlene Reeves Demonstrate Her 3-Step Heart-Selling Process? appeared first on Cracking the Entrepreneur Code.


22 Aug 2018

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Ascended Masters at Work with Shirlene Reeves & Guest Jackie Lapin

Ascended Masters At Work

Calling all coaches, entrepreneurs, healers and clergy. If you've been wondering how to get on stages, podcasts, radio and web TV shows, to deliver your message and share your expertise, you'll be pleased to find the answers for where to find the opportunities, who to speak to and what's expected of you in this podcast with Shirlene Reeves and her Guest Expert Jackie Lapin with Speakertunity. Your Host Shirlene ReevesHere's what you'll learn on this show:The key elements booking agents are looking for in a speakerHow to prepare to be prosperous on stageWho you need to contact for speaking opportunities and where to find them.The different types of speaking engagements (ie: speak to sell versus paid events)What is required when you're hiredHow to prepare your business foundation to make money on stage.Receive one month free of Speakertunity. Get speaking opportunities sent directly in your email. Try Jackie's Free Offer: Speakertunity.com/free-trialsJoin Us On Social MediaAscended Masters Facebook Fan Page: https://fb.me/AscendedMastersAtWorkYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCsn2-RT2MsAscended Masters Home Page: https://maximizeyourwealthnow.com/ascended-masters-at-workTwitter: https://twitter.com/MastersSpeakITunes: https://feed.pippa.io/public/shows/5b20ea49f94d3c875e319c47Show TranscriptionShirlene: Hi and welcome back to Ascended Masters At Work. I always love so much being with you because we have the most interesting guests, don't we? It really surprises me sometimes at how great the guests are and the wonderful information that they bring to us. And speaking of great information, our guest today is going to be perfect for those who are speakers or healers, coaches or business owners or even pastors or pastors support people in the church. You can use what we are talking about today for almost anything that you do, and here's why I say that. A ll of those people that I named are most probably speakers and speakers are always looking for how to get the word out and if you're a speaker, I know you're sitting there right now thinking, how in the world do I get the word out about my mission or my message or the programs that I've created? What is it I do? I don't know what to do next. I feel like I'm ready to go, but I don't know where to begin. Well, today we are going to answer that question because that is such an important question and there was even a time in my career where I asked that question and I know that the guest today is really going to call me back into it and remind me of things that I haven't thought of for a very long time and probably give me a lot of new tips on what's different today than it was in the past, because trends tend to change. Have you ever noticed that? That even happens in our clothing. It happens in our speeches around what happens in people's lives and now we're going to talk about the trend changes in how we get on stage or maybe we get on podcasts or radio shows, web TV. All of those I've been involved in and I know that we always are looking for speakers and I am always looking for a speaking opportunity and that is exactly what we're going to talk about today.So this is really exciting. I know you're going to get so many awesome tips and it will really change your perspective on what to do with your speaking career. This woman is bringing you an offer that gives you someone that does all the work to get you those speaking gigs. So let's dive in and talk to our special guest today. She's been in the throws all over the world helping transform leaders, authors, coaches, and speakers and messengers that want to connect with their next followers. And so for the past 10 years, her internationally acclaim conscious companies have been providing PR campaigns, radio media tours, and speaking engagements to support the growth and the revenue of changemakers. All of us in business are changemakers and you might be saying, no, I'm not a changemaker. well the truth is you absolutely are a change maker because if you are creating programs or you have a message to share or you would like opportunities to do and lead workshops, this is the lady that can get you there.Remember what I always told you in the past. You want to follow those who are already doing what you want to do and they have a specialty. We all have a specialty and if we find ourselves sitting down and trying to do somebody else's specialty, we are going to hate life. So it's much easier to just contribute the little bit of money that it takes to get a phenomenal yes from so many speaking engagements. Now, some of her clients have included Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr Joe Vitale, James Twyman, Denise Lynn, Ariel Ford, and Hay House, and so many more. So I am really, really honored that Jackie Lapin is here with us today. Hi Jackie. How are you?Jackie: Hi Shirlene. I am so delighted to be here. Thank you for inviting me and that was a lovely introduction. I really appreciate it,Shirlene: Jackie, I think it's so important for those people that are prepared, they have their programs, they've got their look. They know exactly who they want to be and they're ready to get on stage. And they don't know where to start. They actually can't figure out, oh, what do I do next, or how do I begin? They want to get their mission, their word out, the information that they want to share in their programs so that people can find them, because all of you know that your people are looking for you. But they don't know where to begin and that's a big reason why you're here with me today is so that you can give us an idea of where to begin. So let's start there.Jackie: Well, I think that there's three ways and one of the ones that you talked about stages that's really important, but don't overlook the virtual stages that are available to you too, and that's radio shows, podcasts, and virtual summits. That means that you're delivering your message to the masses without ever leaving your home. So I think that that is a really important place to begin strategizing how you're going to get that kind of visibility. So definitely it's an important element to put this into your marketing plans. And here's one thing that's really, really important and it's an absolutely essential aspect. Most leaders say, I'm going to go out and look for my speaking engagements sometime this week or next week or whatever, and you get to the end of the week and you think, you know, I didn't end up doing that. I got filled with other things. So one of the things that you really have to do is put it on your calendar, make an appointment with yourself essentially, like you were making an appointment with somebody else. Give yourself three hours a week to be mastering your visibility and as I tell people, if you can't do the time, you can't earn the dime.Shirlene: One of the biggest challenges that we have is finding the speaking engagements. Have any of you ever noticed that? Fortunately nowadays the speaking engagements tend to find me and I'm very grateful for that, but I have to tell you in the beginning it definitely wasn't easy. I didn't know where to look. I didn't know who to contact, in order to be able to get on their stages, or be interviewed on their podcasts or show up on their TV shows. And so I really had to think about how to find the right genre for me because there are sure a lot out there. It's really overwhelming. Jackie, what do you suggest? How do we dig into this and get going on working with the people that we need in order to get on the stages. And what's expected of us?Jackie: Well, you can actually start out by going to Google and you'd be surprised how much you can find. You know, when we build our speakertunity tip sheets, which I'll talk a little bit more about. Um, that is where we start ourselves. And so you could start by looking for women's groups or chambers of commerce or um, centers for spiritual living or a entrepreneur networking groups or whatever it might be. And then you put comma and then wherever you live. And when you start doing it, you just pick the key words that you want, and there's lots of different permutations of those keywords, and you will begin to accrue the kinds of opportunities. And then you go to their website, see if they actually take speakers, and then start adding them to your list. That's one very good place to do that. Another one is Meeup.Jackie: You might think that meetup is just a bunch of people getting together to hang out to do areas, fun things. But in truth, not only do are there meetups, specific groups on a business topic, but many of the bricks and mortar meetings that happen regularly, actually will be looking to put their meetings on meetup because they attract new people that way. So you're going to find a nice mix. And the Nice thing about meetup is you can actually put in your city and you can put in the kinds of opportunities you're looking for and they will begin to feed them to you every week. And so you'll even learn about new groups that are popping up if they are in your genre and specifications. \Those are two really, really good places to get started.Um, there's another website I like called events in America and if you go to events in America.com, you're going to find events specifically in your industry or genre, but you also, they don't have speaking who the speaker coordinator is, you're going to have to go to the organization and find out. And then the last one that I think is really powerful is LinkedIn. There's a couple of different ways that you can search on LinkedIn. One of them is by keyword and so if you want to put in meeting planner or event planner or event coordinator. The other way is to go specifically to a company, that you're interested in speaking at, and then go through their LinkedIn, whoever they have on LinkedIn, and you're looking for either human resources, marketing, or sales. Those are the areas usually that spend money on outside speakers. So you find the leaders in those aspects or those organizations. Then you can reach out to them on LinkedIn, begin a nice dialogue. Don't start right off offering your services, but start out by beginning a dialogue. Say, Hey, I'm interested to know, what kind of speakers do you book? You know, how are your programs? what are you looking for these days? Begin that dialogue with them before you hit them up with what it is that you're offering. So those are some really, really good places to get started if you're starting to look for your own speaking engagements. But as you mentioned, we also have a resource called speakertunity that does it all for you? It doesn't give you corporate, but it gives you all kinds of speak to enroll opportunities. The kinds of opportunities that let you actually sell a program or introduce somebody to your free opt in that gets them excited about you. And we just really make it easy for people to find and get access to it and it's only $35 a month. And we have a private Facebook group where I'm aggregating calls for speakers from all different organizations all over the US and Canada. For $35 a month, you don't have to do the research. We're doing a lot of it for you. And what's nice about this is that it just pops up in your email every month, twice a month. It's about 120 leads and it just opens all kinds of doors for you so that you don't have to do all the groundwork by yourself.Get the Full Show Transcription in pdf format.#Speakers, #Coaches, #Healers, #entrepreneurs, #SellingThroughYourHeart, Shirlene Reeves, Jackie Lapin, #Business, #Sales, #MaximizeYourWealthNow, #MassiveVisibility, #getspeakinggigs, Key elements for speaking on stages, #speakertunity, #speaking, #authors, #stages, #keynote, #TedTalks, #podcasts, #media, #AscendedMastersAtWork See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


16 Aug 2018

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Episode 043 – How did Shirlene Reeves Help Her Clients Overcome Fear and Sell More?

Cracking the Entrepreneur Code Podcast

In Episode 043, Jack has invited Ms. Shirlene Reeves, who is one of only 253 Certified Financial Educators in the US, a syndicated radio host on BBS Radio and as a business success coach she wrote the book on SELLING THROUGH YOUR HEART - EMPOWERING YOU TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS FOR FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Shirlene will share with […] The post Episode 043 – How did Shirlene Reeves Help Her Clients Overcome Fear and Sell More? appeared first on Cracking the Entrepreneur Code.


15 Aug 2018

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Sales Authenticity with Business Expert, Shirlene Reeves

"Life Mastery Radio" with Todd & Jackie

Shirlene has hosts the Ascended Masters At Work show on BBS Syndicated Radio on 57 stations nationwide. She’s created her own syndicated broadcasting station with shows based on business finance, metaphysical science & lifestyle.You might also be familiar with her television presence. Shirlene Reeves produced and hosted WMAX TV with co-host Barbara Wainwright. Together, they created 2 seasons of talk show TV in San Diego, California, with prestigious guests from all around the world.For 17 years Shirlene was the CEO of her own nationwide California C Corporation, which she bootstrapped from zero to multi-millions with over 23,000 people working under her. Today Shirlene lives between San Diego, CA and her home on the beach in San Felipe, Baja. She focuses on teaching authors, salespeople, and coaches how to increase sales to create multiple streams of income. Check out her website: https://maximizeyourwealthnow.com


24 Jul 2018