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32. Promote The Brew w/ Scott Schmidt

The Brewing Business Show

Scott is the Co-Founder of Promote The Brew and the Market The Brew Podcast. During his 30 plus years in marketing, Scott spent most of his time developing the Harley-Davidson worldwide dealer promotional products program. He also had the pleasure of working with Snap-on Tools, Miller Brewing, Kohler, Baxter, ERDMAN, and GE Healthcare. Most days, you will now find Scott and his brother Steve working with craft breweries on their retail merchandise programs. They not only help with actual products, but they also help develop Product Timelines and Product Plans to help breweries increase profitability through reduced inventory. They also offer several educational programs on apparel and social media at marketthebrew.com. Since March, they have been helping more companies with their messaging and digital media marketing. They've been helping them engage with customers who are adjusting to new ways of doing business, including working from home. And in this episode, Scott will be sharing with us his knowledge and strategies that he and his brother have used to help his clients get through the challenging 2020 year! Enjoy the Show! 

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22 Oct 2020

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Manufacturing Wexit (ft. Scott Schmidt)

Big Shiny Takes

If there's anything Albertans love to do, it's complain. If there's anyone who knows this, it's Scott Schmidt (@shmitzysays), who writes about Alberta's grievance politics weekly in his "Laying It Out" column.He joins us to discuss two excerpts from a recently-releases book, "Moment of Truth: How to Think About Alberta's Future," published in the National Post, of course.Although Wexit is a fringe movement of QAnon crazies, Postmedia seems to be doing everything it can to mainstream it. The thrust of the selections we read are that Canadian confederation needs to fundamentally change to accomodate Alberta, or else. First up is a chapter written by Ted Morton, which deals with a supposed cabal of bilingual people who are operating the levers of power in Ottawa. It's like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, but with people who speak both official languages instead of Jews.Next we discuss David J. Bercuson's case for an Albertan army to keep the the rest of Canada's filthy hands off our filthy oil that nobody wants to buy.Through it all, Scott and Jeremy explain the bizarre political climate in Alberta to the co-hosts out east. It's the episode you've been waiting for!LinksThe Forgotten CornerScott - Laying It Out: Dragons love 'normal' — they never get burnedEthan Cox - Anatomy of an expulsion: 48 hours in the life of the Green PartyJeremy - The education of Doug Schweitzer Follow Big Shiny Takes on Twitter or Instagram!@bigshinytakesLike what you hear? Throw us a few bucks on our Patreon for access to exclusive content.

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5 Oct 2020

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Episode 33 Scott Schmidt (Superfan)

Metal Bob Live

Episode 33 Bob catches up with superfan Scott Schmidt. Metal Bob Live Official Website:  Links for- Merch, Social Media, and our Sponsors. https://sites.google.com/view/metalboblive/home Metal Bob Live is brought to you by: Legend Picks: http://www.legendpicks.com/ Artist Jeremiah Kalleck: https://sites.google.com/view/jjkalleck/home and The Texas Vinyl Coalition https://www.facebook.com/groups/847663329036320/ CREDITS: Robert "Metal Bob" Thornton: Interview, Live Audio, Social Media Jeremiah Kalleck: Logo, Episode Art, Graphic Design, Website Design, Audio Post Production, Video Production Metal Bob Theme Song: Robert "Metal Bob" Thornton: Vocals Jeremiah Kalleck: Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming, Audio Production


2 Oct 2020

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027 - Scott Schmidt and Truth to Power

Powerful with Jeff Couillard

In today's episode of Powerful, Jeff Couillard and Scott Schmidt have a wide ranging conversation, centred around the role of media in speaking truth to power and holding government to account for their actions. Scott is the layout editor at the Medicine Hat News, and his Saturday column "Laying It Out" has drawn a great deal of attention lately as he takes aim at government misinformation, propoganda and decisions that are being made in the interest of corporations over citizens. Scott offers some advice on how and where to consume your news, and some hard-hitting questions about what we truly value, and whether or not our governments are actually delivering on improving the quality of life for the people they're supposed to be in power for.

1hr 8mins

2 Apr 2020

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Scott Schmidt - The Source and Recruit Company

DeepHire Podcast

This episode of the podcast I am joined by Scott Schmidt with The Source and Recruit Company. On this episode we discuss: How being relationship-oriented leads to longer-term success What every candidate needs from companies. How hourly based recruitment models can be better than contingency If you’d like to learn more about The Source and Recruit Company, click here. Or if you’re part of a recruiting and staffing firm that would like to modernize their process, check out DeepHire here. Want more? Check out our complete list of podcast episodes here! Wishing you all the best! -Matt and the DeepHire Team


26 Feb 2020

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Scott Schmidt [LocalLegendsPodcast] #7

Local Legends Podcast

Scott Schmidt is the Founder of Schmidt Family Restaurant Group, and a member of the Wendy's Hall of Fame. He credits his success to his team, and the great business culture they've instilled in their employees.Scott has no shortage of insight to share from friends and mentors like Ed Miller, Ebb Glockner, Andy Glockner, and Wendy's Founder Dave Thomas.https://schmidtgroup.us/


7 Feb 2020

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Looking Glass Hospitality Group owner Scott Schmidt shares his story

Restaurant Owners Uncorked - by Schedulefly

Scott has been in the business since he was a fifteen year old dishwasher, and it was fun hearing him talk about the importance of every role in a restaurant, including the dishwasher, who matters much more than you might think. This was wide-ranging interview, covering a lot of ground from the importance of strong employee benefits, to three things you need for your restaurant's first year, to the shift in our culture to consumers appreciating independent restaurants now more than ever. Scott left a long career in corporate restaurants three years ago, taking on a big risk with a wife and four kids at home, but he's found fulfillment and is working both smart and had as he builds a business he intends to be around for decades. I have tons of respect for Scott, and and soaked in a lot of wisdom while speaking with him. Enjoy...


14 Nov 2018