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J.P. Hurley - Lost in Memories with Philip Roth

Good Writing Podcast

John-Paul Hurley joins us to discuss an excerpt from Sabbath’s Theater by Philip Roth. How can writers make the readers feel lost in memories? We also discuss unlikeable protagonists. Other links from this week: Follow J.P. Hurley on Twitter here Hear about how a fantasy writer raised $31M on Kickstarter to self-publish four books on the Print Run Podcast here Good Writing is a podcast where two MFA friends read like writers and lay out craft ideas for fellow writers to steal. Co-hosted by Emily Donovan and Benjamin Kerns. Twitter: @goodwritingpod Email: goodwritingpodcast@gmail.com


21 Mar 2022

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Todd, Todrick, Philip Roth | #BBCELEB3 Double Eviction Recap

Hey Julie! - Big Brother & Survivor Recaps

Danielle & Brett react to Monday night's double eviction that sent Todd & Lamar home, paving the way to what's very likely a Meisha & Todrick final two on Wednesday night's finale. Also: thoughts on Julie's peas-in-a-pod broach, Todd Bridges' return to Twitter & a scathing take-down of ripped-from-the headlines TV adaptations. Follow Hey Julie on Twitter and submit your questions @HeyJulieBB Follow Brett @BrettRader Follow Danielle @Danimop

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22 Feb 2022

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The Human Stain (Excerpt), by Philip Roth

Speak. Words.

In The Human Stain, written in 2001, Philip Roth provocatively examines the drama of racial identity and identity politics in America through an intriguing lens.   The book is written as a reconstructed biography of Coleman Silk, a literature professor with a dark secret. In this scene, the publicly disgraced Silk has an epiphany as his lover, a survivor with a story of her own, opens herself up to him and sees him in a way no one ever has.


11 Jan 2022

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EP 70: Book Reviews (5) - "The Counterlife" by Philip Roth

The Nuts and Bolts of Writing

In this episode, Tete and Fortunus talk about "The Counterlife" by Philip Roth, one of Fortunus' favorite novels that Tete also read a few years ago.  We talk about how our views of this metafictional novel have changed since we first read it back in 2016 and how it explores the following themes: The nature of writing as a writer Using writing as a way of conducting thought experiments Siblings whose lives branch off and contrast one another Characters as amalgamations of ourselves and people in real life--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/fortunus-games/message


17 May 2021

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Episode 56: A talk with Ira Nadel about Philip Roth, Leonard Cohen, and authorized/unauthorized bios

A Life in Biography

A wide-ranging interview about how biography gets done, both authorized and unauthorized, with Nadel’s subjects, Leonard Cohen & Philip Roth, and more.


1 May 2021

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The Philip Roth Biography Mess (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Laura Marsh)

Culturally Determined

Accusations of sexual assault against Philip Roth's biographer, Blake Bailey ... Laura's early negative review of the biography ... How Bailey justified Roth's mistreatment of women ... Aryeh worries about an alleged rapist framing the historical record ... Laura argues against the "this changes everything" reaction ... Criticizing the actions of Norton, the book's publisher ... What Laura found in Roth's novels that she didn't expect ... What do we do with the fact that many great authors were awful people? ... Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.

1hr 7mins

29 Apr 2021

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The literary afterlives of Philip Roth

The Prospect Podcast

The celebrated author Philip Roth was obsessed with chasing the exceptional in both his life and work. Author and critic Jon Day joins the Prospect Interview to discuss new biographies of the author of American Pastoral and Portnoy’s Complaint. He talks to arts and books editor Sameer Rahim about why Roth marks the end of the grand literary celebrity, and how his novels precipitated the rise of “cancel culture.”You can read Jon Day’s essay on Philip Roth here: https://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/magazine/philip-roths-ruthless-intimacy-biography-review Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


13 Apr 2021

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Philip Roth, For Better, For Worse, Forever?

The TLS Podcast

This week, Thea Lenarduzzi and Lucy Dallas are joined by Elaine Showalter, Professor Emerita of English at Princeton University, to discuss Blake Bailey’s keenly anticipated ‘Philip Roth: The biography’; and Alexandra Harris, the author of ‘Weatherland: Artist and writers under English skies’, considers a twenty-first century perspective on Joseph Wright of Derby, an eighteenth-century painter who is perhaps more darkness than light, more magic than science, and who deserves to be ranked among Europe’s greats.Philip Roth: The biography by Blake BaileyJoseph Wright of Derby: Painter of darkness by Matthew Craskewww.the-tls.co.ukProducer: Ben Mitchell Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


7 Apr 2021

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The Philip Roth We Don't Know (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Jacques Berlinerblau)

Culturally Determined

Jacques's essay on race in Philip Roth's fiction ... Roth and Updike, compare and contrast ... Was Roth always totally in control of his powers? ... How Roth depicted the Newark riots ... Portnoy's Complaint and offensive humor ... Will we be reading Roth in 30 years? ... Roth's fictional (and actual) treatment of women ... Reading the reviews of the new authorized Roth biography ... Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.

1hr 10mins

11 Mar 2021

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EP 52: Book Reviews (2): Philip Roth's "Portnoy's Complaint"

The Nuts and Bolts of Writing

PODCAST TWITTER: https://twitter.com/nuts_writing PODCAST INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/nutsboltswriting.podcast/ Listen to our podcast on Anchor (links to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.): https://anchor.fm/fortunus-games Read Fortunus Games' "Sam in New York" graphic novel here:  https://tapas.io/series/Sam-in-New-York/info Also on Webtoon: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/sam-in-new-york/list?title_no=501948 Questions for PORTNOY'S COMPLAINT: Intro: Today, we're talking about Portnoy's Complaint, which was first published in 1969 and is written by the award-winning American author, Philip Roth. It was very controversial in its time and got banned from a number of countries for its candid and vulgar treatment of sexuality.  1. Let's start with the plot - is there a plot? Or is it just a collection of thoughts?  2. Why was the book so controversial? What did Roth seek to accomplish when writing this book? What was he trying to address in society about sexuality? This was written in the 60s, during the Sexual Revolution in the US. 3. What is the role of vulgarity in this work? What does it say about Portnoy as a character? Roth as an author? Attitudes towards women and vulgarity - what is the relationship here? Why was this book accused of being misogynistic? 4. What are the similarities between Portnoy's Complaint and the Uncensored Picture of Dorian Gray? Both works feature sexual libertines as protagonists and also attack traditional sexual morality. What are the differences? (talk about tone, perspective, etc.) Talk about Dorian Grey vs. Portnoy - both are libertines, but are so different in some ways.  5. Other themes in Portnoy's - Jewish-American identity (esp in light of Israel, assimilation, esp Portnoy's obsession with "conquering America through fucking"), parent-child relationship (Portnoy seeks to liberate himself from his strict parents' expectations through his libertine lifestyle and vulgarity, since he was always pressured to be a model citizen and perfect son) 6. Influence on Fortunus' Works - Ardalion and Portnoy's similarities, esp their attitudes towards sex and traditional morality, cynicism, and flow of consciousness technique, brutally honest tone - also, Sam's relationship with his parents has some degree of similarity, although they are nowhere as controlling as Portnoy's, and Sam's reaction towards his parents' strictness is different. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/fortunus-games/message

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11 Jan 2021