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The Lockdown Chronicles- EP 9 Mark Cukro

The Lockdown Chronicles

Mark is a 1st Degree Black Belt under Pedro Sauer and is the owner of Integrated Martial Arts Academy. We get to talk about his study of Gracie Jiu Jitsu, getting to roll with Rickson and his role in helping the Pedro Sauer association schools with their marketing.  On top of all of this he tells some great stories of the early days at his academy.

1hr 23mins

30 May 2020

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GJJR! EP 123 Greg Nelson, Keith Owen, & Mark Cukro

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Rocks! podcast

In this episode Marty has a discussion with Professors Keith Owen, Greg Nelson, and Mark Cukro about starting the year off strong and staying strong throughout the year.  They discuss  How not to fizzle out half way through the year; Goals versus Resolutions; The importance of goals and the biggest mistakes in doing goals; Accountability; Leading by example and bringing out the best in others; Helping each other raise our levels; Getting out of our comfort zones; Celebrating our success; When to share your goals and when not to, and much more!

1hr 15mins

22 Jan 2020

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GJJR! EP 113 Staying on the Mat Well Long Term: A Discussion with Keith Owen, Greg Nelson, and Mark Cukro

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Rocks! podcast

In this interesting and lively discussion, professors Keith Owen, Greg Nelson, and Mark Cukro discuss what it takes to stay on the mat long term-well into your years. Keith Owen (The Rhino) is a Pedro Sauer Black Belt and founder of team Rhino. Greg Nelson is Pedro Sauer's first black belt and a world renowned MMA coach (including coach to 3 UFC champions). Mark Cukro is also a Pedro Sauer Black Belt and owner/head instructor of Integrated Martial Arts.

1hr 28mins

7 Jun 2019

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GJJR! EP 104 Roy Marsh & Mark Cukro

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Rocks! podcast

Professor Roy Marsh & Professor Mark Cukro discuss building a positive academy culture.  During the discussion we talk about a host of things such as what it means to have a great academy culture and why it’s so important;  the elements of a great culture, examples of not so good cultures (epic fails ); how the culture affects attraction, retention, and quality of the experience for the students; the importance of structure (structure in the class environment and is this the same thing as a disciplined environment, and structure in the curriculum and how much is good and how much is too much;  using music during class; use of profanity in the academy, and much more…...

1hr 33mins

10 Jan 2019

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A Positive Image of Jiu-Jitsu: Mark Cukro

Dirty White Belt Radio

"When jiu-jitsu as a whole grows, everybody benefits." These are words from Mark Cukro, a black belt and well-respected instructor at Integrated Martial Arts who also has a background in filipino martial arts, muay Thai, catch wrestling and more! He’s this week’s guest. Learn about how to get better at blue belt and beyond, the difference between being an instructor and a student, what martial arts complement Brazilian jiu-jitsu the best, and more!Thanks as always to our sponsors, US Grappling, Toro BJJ, and Cageside MMA! Register online at usgrappling.com to compete in Richmond April 28 or Greensboro May 5 -- and if you need gi or nogi gear to compete, find the best products at cageside.com! If you want access to bonus content, you can support us at patreon.com/dirtywhitebelt, as Cody Maltais, Karl Krebs, Chris Holmes and Betty Broadhurst did this month -- thanks, y'all!

1hr 6mins

8 Apr 2018

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GJJR! EP 75 Injuries: Ty Gay, Roy Dean, Ryron Gracie, Mark Cukro, and Henry Akins discuss the subject of injuries:

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Rocks! podcast

Injuries: Ty Gay, Roy Dean, Ryron Gracie, Mark Cukro, and Henry Akins discuss the subject of injuries: how to prevent them, how to deal with them, and key points to keep in mind with your down time due to an injury. Don’t miss this interesting and insightful discussion….

1hr 12mins

29 Jun 2017