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Quantum Transformation & 7 Figure Business Mentoring with Suzy Ashworth

Put Yourself First

Suzy Ashworth is a Quantum embodiment and transformation coach. She helps her clients have 6 figure breakthroughs and create a tidal wave of positive impact in the world.  This episode with Suzy is pure magic and I hope you love it. We talk about: Suzy’s evolution as an entrepreneur from Hypnobirthing to 7 Figure Business Mentor Her personal practices and daily rituals for alignment and energy mastery How important it is to meet your fears, be intentional and be in alignment  Understanding how embodiment is simply a MUST have as a business owner in your work The importance of having a coach and learning to understand yourself, shift your perspective and step into that expansion  The power of respect, listening and non-violent communication and Suzy’s powerful story with her neighbour (I heard her share on her podcast and just had to ask her to share here!)  How high ticket group coaching has completely changed Suzy’s business and can change yours too through her methods! Connect with Suzy: Web: www.suzyashworth.com IG: @suzy_ashworth Suzy's book rec: Nova Reid "The Good Ally" - https://amzn.to/387utJu Connect with Me: IG: @kat_horrocks


9 May 2022

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Replay: Suzy Ashworth's Episode of We Get It, Your Dad Died

Monetize the Mic

On today's episode of Monetize the Mic, Margy shares the season 3 premiere episode of her podcast We Get It, Your Dad Died. The episode features an interview with entrepreneur Suzy Ashworth about how losing her parents impacted her life and career. Season 3 of We Get It, Your Dad Died goes live today, May 2, 2022! To listen to the rest of the season, find the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon.


2 May 2022

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Being the Sherpa of Love with Suzy Ashworth

The Femme Podcast

Wild woman - Get ready to activate your magic, because Suzy Ashworth is on the pod today!  This quantum transformation coach will inspire you to not just create ripples of success in your life, but to create tidal waves of impact on a global scale. She has a vision for the world - and you’re part of it. This incredible leader is just one of the 12 amazing female coaches who you will have access to in “Outspoken”, our industry-changing 12-week coaching container, beginning May 1st. Inside of Outspoken you will receive the most potent teachings, the raw truths, and the soul medicine that each of these women have to offer. This is the container we wish we’d had during our own growth journey, from the beginning days - to hitting multiple six figures - to becoming a seven figure brand.This is collective rising - The Femme Way. Outspoken begins May 1st for $2222 - And now is the time to join! Check out our first 11 speakers and grab your spot here! Learn more about Suzy and her work on her website or on Instagram. 


18 Apr 2022

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Suzy Ashworth: Earning £2 Million in a "Bumpy" Year

The Get Paid Podcast: The Stark Reality of Entrepreneurship and Being Your Own Boss

Suzy Ashworth is a seven-figure entrepreneur and a quantum transformation and embodiment coach. Her superpower is helping conscious entrepreneurs create six-figure breakthroughs in their business so that they too can expand into a limitless living, and create an incredibly positive difference in the world. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Grazia, and The BBC. She supports her global client base to create magnetic messaging that helps them to magnify their income, and their impact, as they build heart-centered networks of loyal fans and clients across the world. Suzy is also a Hay House author, international keynote speaker, and a believer in miracles who is a mum to three wonderful kids. Always open to the experiences life has to offer, Suzy's also lived in Mexico and Spain with her family, and is now back in the UK. "Self-publish and then get the attention. Don't wait for a publishing deal." - Suzy Ashworth This Week on the Get Paid Podcast: Is it better to offer the same thing to everyone? How B-School fits into Suzy’s business story. Wait. Suzy almost turned down a deal with HAY HOUSE? Getting people to invest £97 to £40K in your business. Failing forward and moving on quickly from the bad stuff that happens. What “woo”, feminine energy,  “do” versus “be” mean to Suzy in a business sense. The mindset shift that pushed Suzy from 6 to 7-figures in 2019. The one question Suzy asked herself that completely changed her energy in business. What Suzy’s Home Assistant does for her. I’m JEALOUS! How does over £2 million equal a BUMPY year? Connect with Suzy Ashworth: Suzy Ashworth The Freedom Experience Suzy Ashworth on Instagram Quantum Success Hub on Telegram Limitless Life Experience Podcast https://www.facebook.com/Suzyrocked Grab your copy of the Marketing Self-Audit Guide and figure out your Best Next Steps to get more leads! Sign up here: clairepells.com/tool/ Now it’s time to GET PAID Thanks for tuning into the Get Paid Podcast! If you enjoyed today’s episode, head over to Apple Podcasts to subscribe, rate, and leave your honest review. Connect with me on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, visit my website for even more detailed strategies, and be sure to share your favorite episodes on social media. Now, it’s time to go get yourself paid.

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3 Mar 2022

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Ep 68 - From Possible, to Probable to Inevitable with Suzy Ashworth

The Soul Digger Podcast

Suzy Ashworth is a seven-figure entrepreneur and a quantum transformation and embodiment coach with the superpower to help conscious entrepreneurs create six-figure breakthroughs in their business so that they too can expand into a limitless living, and create an incredibly positive difference in the world.Her work has been featured in Forbes, Grazia, and The BBC. She supports her global client base to create magnetic messaging that helps them to magnify their income, and their impact, as they build heart-centered networks of loyal fans and clients across the world.In this episode, Suzy and I explore the power of self belief and taking aligned action to upgrade inevitable outcomes by breaking through money blocks, creating abundance and becoming the master of your own destiny.When you realise that life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you, you find that there is always an opportunity to learn a lesson; there is always a gift and an opportunity to expand.  Tune into this episode with Suzy to start writing and living a story you’d truly want to share. It’s time to get over fears of being ‘too much’ and live in alignment with who you are - a place where the truth is not optional. Move from ‘this from possible’ to ‘possible for me’, to ‘probable’ to ‘inevitable’ by the way that you live your life.Screenshot this episode on your device, and tag @thesouldigger_ @kimmellor_  and @suzy_ashworth on Instagram.I would also LOVE you to SUBSCRIBE and leave a positive 5* review!Useful linksThe Soul Digger - @thesouldigger_Kim Mellor - @kimmellor_Kim Mellor Arbonne - www.Kimmellor.Arbonne.comwww.kimmellor.comEmail: kim@kimmellor.co.ukAlign & Shine 5 Day ChallengeKajabi Free 14 Day TrialBe Well ClubSuzy Ashworth - @suzy_ashworthwww.suzyashworth.com


19 Sep 2021

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54. Faith + Action = Miracles with Suzy Ashworth

Love Sex & Magic

Suzy Ashworth is a seven-figure entrepreneur and a quantum transformation and embodiment coach with the superpower to help female entrepreneurs create six-figure breakthroughs in their business so that they too can expand into limitless living, and create an incredibly positive difference in the world. In this episode, we talk about all things quantum living, the success mindset you need to create these results in your business and your life, we talk all about love, family, expansion, and we share candidly about both of our experiences in our years inside this industry. Time Stamps 3:30 Suzy’s experience speaking at The Self Love Summit 8:00 Faith + Action = Miracles 11:17 Shifting from “not enough-ness” to self-worth 16:25 How to achieve emotional and financial freedom 24:40 You don’t need a huge online platform to be successful 28:37 Navigating reinvention in your life or your business 37:54 What is stopping you from breaking through 40:00 On grief, surviving and thriving 49:37 Mel’s 3 questions Want behind-the-scenes audio and video footage? Then be sure to join my monthly membership for your soul, The Goddess Collective. Goddess Collective members unlock access to extra “after the cut” content from each and every interview I host. During this segment of the podcast (which is recorded only for Collective members, and hosted inside the Collective website), questions that are submitted by the Goddesses are answered by podcast guests. The Goddess Collective also includes: A monthly workshop and workbook Fortnightly moonology readings A monthly Aphrodite Circle group coaching call hosted by yours truly Bonus interviews Interviews with guest experts An invitation into a members-only exclusive Facebook community, and Instant access to all the content that came before, and so much more… …all for $67. Click here to join, and access all my guest’s behind-the-scenes footage: http://melwells.com/collective Mentioned in this episode: Suzy’s website https://suzyashworth.com/ Suzy’s podcast https://suzyashworth.com/podcast/


18 Jun 2021

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Creating Miracles Through Positive Transformation - with Suzy Ashworth

On a Mission Podcast

This week, Ellie talks to Quantum Transformation and embodiment coach, and believer in miracles, who has helped entrepreneurs to realise 6-7 figure incomes. Suzy joins Ellie today to discuss why she always believed in a better life for herself and how she did it, how to make sure a business partnership is destined to succeed, and her own personal formula for helping people to achieve their best in life. KEY TAKEAWAYS Moments of clarity arrive when we need them. They are the inner, guiding voices telling us that something isn't right, and which urge us towards a better path for ourselves. We may be good at what we do, but it might not be the thing that inspires us. If we can identify what lights the fire inside us, and make a career out of that, the fire burns even brighter. Partnerships can work well, but they have to be built upon the right purpose. Simply chaining yourself to someone in order to share the burden is not a good enough reason. We gain purpose through recognising our own physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Only by doing this can we truly visualise the future we want. BEST MOMENTS 'It opened me up to different people and different experiences. People were doing life very differently to what I'd seen' 'There's only ever room for one star' 'The rest, as they say, is history - it changed my life' 'I help people tune in to what it is they want' VALUABLE RESOURCES On A Mission - https://omny.fm/shows/on-a-mission Suzy Ashworth - https://suzyashworth.com ABOUT THE HOST The On A Mission Podcast brings you Ellie Mckay's no holds barred chats with some of the UK's top business leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, top thought leaders, influencers and mindset experts. On a Mission is for unconventional thinkers that want to challenge the status quo. For all those people on a mission to live their best lives and take control of their own destiny. Ellie is a straight-talking, successful property entrepreneur who passionately believes that everyone has the power within themselves to transform their lives no matter what their situation. As a mumpreneur with 3 young children and multiple businesses, Ellie likes to keep it real with her no-bs insights and share the things that have helped her achieve the level of success she has enjoyed to date. CONTACT METHODS: Linkedin: Linkedin.com/in/ellie-mckay/ Facebook: Facebook.com/ellie.mckay.3150 Instagram: Instagram.com/ellie_mckay_official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTIA0t0Xcm2Fz3kOzX3XaBA?sub_confirmation=1 Clubhouse: @ellie83See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


13 Jun 2021

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033: Suzy Ashworth on Business and Friendship

The Phenomenal Living Podcast

Laura is joined by her good friend and Quantum Transformation Coach, Suzy Ashworth, to talk all things travel, transformation and the truth of what goes on behind-the-scenes when scaling a business


30 Apr 2021

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#075: It all starts with Mindset, with Suzy Ashworth

Marketing made easy from Get Savvy Club

In this weeks episode of Marketing Made Easy from Get Savvy Club, Anita Baldwin & Anna Geary talk to Mother of three, Hay House author, TEDx Speaker & Mindset & Business Coach Suzy Ashworth. Suzy talks openly about finding the right people & systems to take her to the next level after feeling she’d got stuck.. she broke through to make £1.2M in 2020. Suzy helps women increase their intention, impact & income with grace & ease. Suzy believes Faith+Action=Miracles... listen in to hear how we can start to make that happen for us all too. To get involved in Suzy's world: https://suzyashworth.com/ _________________________ Resources & Links to connect with Get Savvy Club Join our FREE Facebook group for FREE Trainings & to connect with the Get Savvy Club Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/getsavvyclub/?ref=share Grab your free 37 Social Media Hacks here: https://getsavvyclub.co.uk/guides/37-social-media-hacks/ Say hi to Get Savvy Club on social: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/getsavvyclub/ Anna Geary LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/getsavvyclub Anita Baldwin LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/anita-baldwin Get Savvy Club LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/get-savvy-club Anna Geary Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annageary_/ Get Savvy Club Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/getsavvyclub/ Website: www.getsavvyclub.co.uk


13 Apr 2021

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Ep 011 Suzy Ashworth - Into the LightWeb - My Million Dollar Lab Series

Into The LightWeb®

My Million Dollar Lab Series 011 on the Into The LightWeb® PodcastJoanna Hunter interviews Suzy Ashworth. Suzy Ashworth is a mother of three, a Hay House author, TEDx speaker and a mindset and business coach.She specialises in Quantum Transformation and Embodiment coaching, helping impact-driven entrepreneurs step into limitless living and divine self-expression.Find Suzy Ashworth at...https://suzyashworth.comInstagram: suzy_ashworthFacebook: @SuzyAshworth2Twitter: suzy_ashworthFind Joanna Hunter at...https://joannahunter.com/Instagram: @joannahuntercomFacebook: @joannahuntercomYouTube: @joannahuntercom


23 Mar 2021