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Finding Support For Contest Prep - Ft. IFBB Pro Caroline Ofenstein, Archie Ofenstein, Bobbi Sherman, and Austin Witt, M.S., ACSM-CEP

WPB Consulting Podcast

Welcome Everyone to the WPB Consulting Podcast. Get Excited as this is the first podcast release of 2021! I cannot thank our listeners enough for their support as we have had listeners from over 6 countries in 2020. Hello, my name is Austin I will be your host today. On today’s podcast, we will be discussing finding support in contest prep. Social support is important to have in your life. Support can come from your friends, family, or significant other. As many of you know if there is a lack of support it can end in poor outcomes. Add on being hangry during contest prep, and poor communication strategies, and it can end in disaster. We have gathered a team of individuals’ to discuss how to communicate and ask for support during contest prep. We have two couple’s here today. One couple is an IFBB bikini bodybuilder and a carpenter. The other is two other NPC competitors. Each one will tell their story on what it’s like to support each other during contest prep, and competitions. Stay tuned for an exciting discussion on how we bring clarity to coaching! Key themes discussed today: How to ask for support from people in your life when you decide to compete? What is intimacy like and how to communicate effectively. What a difference support makes vs. peer pressure/”come on just eat a cheeseburger”.  Discussing Fit shaming and everything else in between. Another fun aspect of this group is that one couple is both into competing, the other is not. What are some pros of both of you guys competing? Pros and cons of competing together. What is the mission of WPB Consulting: The WPB Health Consulting mission is to bring clarity to coaching practice. How?   By developing and elevating health coaches and clients' education and practical application? This is done by our coaching service and podcast! Our coaching service: Will empower you and be in constant contact to uplift you toward your goals. Our podcast: Will provide FREE evidence-based coaches in all areas of life. By doing so, coaches and clients will bring clarity on how to communicate and elevate their health habits through evidence-based practice. The WPB Health Consulting Vision: To create a community that brings clarity to coaching. As a result, our community can empower others to improve and change health. #coach #educate #empower #learn #develop #podcast #claritytocoaching #whatsourwhy Who's on today's podcast: Coach Caroline Ofenstein- IFBB Bikini Pro Archie Ofenstein- Caroline's Husband Coach Austin Witt M.S., ACSM-CEP - NPC NQ Qualifier Men's Physique Bobbi Sherman- NPC Women's Bikini Competitor 

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21 Jan 2021

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#67 - Getting Comfortable With The Uncomfortable with Caroline Ofenstein

MetFlex and Chill

To watch this episode, please visit Rachel’s YouTube channel. Listeners can find Caroline Ofensteing at her website https://tailoredcoachingmethod.com, and on Instagram @carolineofenstein_tcm Caroline is a lifelong athlete and as of 2020, officially an IFBB Bikini Pro. She has been a nutrition and fitness coach since 2016 and currently works as an online coach for athletes and lifestyle clients with the Tailored Coaching Method.  In this episode, we talk about how to start your bodybuilding journey from scratch, mental accountability gains from hiring a coach, balancing cardio based training and resistance training, importance of investing in mindset practices to achieve optimal health and much more! "The more extreme your goal is, the more extreme your sacrifices are going to be, and the more extreme changes you're going to have to make." Caroline Ofenstein Top Takeaways: How to incorporate a primer phase when starting a diet  Caroline’s tips on how to have your next diet be your last diet Strategies on pivoting from cardio based training to resistance training as a beginner Top workouts to focus on if you’re short on time Reasons optimal health requires healthy mental and physical habits Today’s Questions: What are your thoughts on women embracing a building phase and why might it be necessary to be able to create their ‘best physique’? Where can I start if I'm interested in bodybuilding? What is one takeaway from your first bodybuilding show compared to your most recent one? What are the best ways to build and or maintain muscle over 50 years old for a female in menopause? I'm low on time, what are some of the top exercises females should do every day? Do supplements help, especially if you have low androgens? After having a baby, what are the most effective exercises to help rebuild your core? Show Notes: [0:00] Welcome back to MetFlex and Chill! Rachel introduces Caroline Ofenstein @carolineofenstein_tcm to the listeners [1:00] If you’re interested in getting questions answered by one of MetFlex and Chill guests please follow Rachel on instagram @rachelgregory.cns where she posts a question box every week in her story!  You can also email your questions to Rachel@metflexlife.com  [2:30] Rachel introduces Caroline Ofenstein @carolineofenstein_tcm to the listeners [3:00] Caroline dives into her history of how she got into nutrition, experimented with Paleo and Crossfit and overall how she got to where she currently is today with the @tailoredcoachingmethod [10:30] Transition from crossfit to bodybuilding and bikini competition [12:00] Question: What are your thoughts on women embracing a building phase and why might it be necessary to be able to create their ‘best physique’? [20:30] Importance of periodization nutrition and training and what that looks for gen pop clients [28:00] Question: Where can I start if I'm interested in bodybuilding? [28:30] Bikini Competition Crash Course Blog and Muscle Growth For The Female Lifter Blog [30:30] Question: What is one takeaway from your first bodybuilding show compared to your most recent one? [33:00] Question: Do you have any type of routine that you follow, you know, on a daily basis to get you into the right mindset? Mindset Timer [36:00] Question: What are the best ways to build and or maintain muscle over 50 years old for a female in menopause? [39:30] Question: I'm low on time, what are some of the top exercises females should do every day? [42:00] Question: Do supplements help, especially if you have low androgens? [45:30] Caroline’s tips on creatine and why it might be advantageous, especially for women who are looking to build muscle [46:00] Muscle Growth For The Female Lifter [48:00] Question: After having a baby, what are the most effective exercises to help rebuild your core? [48:30] Pelvic Floor Health [49:30] Episode 32: Building An Anti-Fragile Core: The Secret To Sexy AND Functional Abs [51:00] Question: What’s something you have changed your mind about in the past year or so and why? [53:00] Question: Is there anything that you've been maybe implementing, like in your own routine lately? Whether it's nutrition, fitness mindset, anything like that, that you've noticed benefits from like within the last few months, few weeks? [56:00] Stephanie Buttermore on youtube Concept of body checking [57:00] You can find Caroline on instagram @carolineofenstein_tcm and her website  https://tailoredcoachingmethod.com [58:00] Thanks for listening to another episode! The best way to spread the word about the material the podcast puts out is to share with your friends or anyone you think will enjoy! Take a screenshot of the episode and tag Rachel  @Rachelgregory.cns in your stories. Visit Metflexlife.com for any programs, blogs or other podcasts etc.   [58:30] If you would like to leave a review on itunes that would be great and will also help grow the show. Thank you, and see you next time! --- Join the FREE MetFLex Life Course: www.metflexandchill.com Rachel Gregory (@rachelgregory.cns) is a Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Author of the best-selling book, 21-Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Challenge. She received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology from James Madison University and Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Miami. Rachel helps her clients transform their lives by starting with the physical (body), realizing the power of the mental (mindset), and ultimately gaining massive confidence that bleeds into every aspect of their lives (family, relationships, work, etc.).


3 Nov 2020

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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

In this week’s episode IFBB Bikini Pro, wife and online coach Caroline Ofenstein talks with host Celeste Rains-Turk about her journey not only to her pro card but to the best version of herself. After winning her pro status after just two shows, one of which was international in Columbia, Caroline shares her story of struggling with her relationship with food. In a powerful turn of events, Caroline talks about the thought process that led to hiring Celeste as a mindset coach and the food freedom she found while working with Celeste. Caroline stresses the importance of slowing down, journaling and being as real as possible on her journey towards overcoming a negative food relationship. After making the difficult decision to switch coaches, Caroline talks about the self-advocacy she developed in her own prep. She shares how important it was for her to tell her new coach exactly what she needed and why she needed it, such as explaining why a certain change was made to her plan. Through this process and through obtaining her Precision Nutrition certification, Caroline shares the importance of periodizing her nutrition throughout the year to account for not only a prep, but the necessary improvement season that comes with it. She talks about how she really focuses her attention on her relationship with her friends, family and husband in the improvement season and how it helps when prep comes along and energy levels may not be what they once were. Another tactic Caroline stresses the importance of is visualization throughout the whole process. Caroline shares how she visualized the entire day she won her pro card the night before from simple things like where she would put her things to the big picture, like receiving her trophy. She shares the knowledge that the body doesn’t know the difference between what is existing in the mind and what is happening outside and how that visualization helped her to manifest her pro card victory. Caroline shares about the little habits that she does every day, whether she is in prep or not, that help her mindset in the sport. Habits such as meditation and journaling in the morning, taking an early bed time and staying off social media in the morning have helped her to come into the best version of herself. She passionately discusses the importance of “turning off” work at a certain time of the day to separate her “work from home” life from her home life. She talks about how she doesn’t feel weighed down with work at the end of the night and the importance of remembering that there will always be “just one more thing” to do before bed, most of which are fine to wait until the next day. Unlike a lot of competitors, Caroline shares how she and her husband are polar opposites when it comes to fitness. As described by Caroline, her husband has “naturally lean physique and an active job”, so fitness was never a big priority for him. When she made the decision to compete in a show, Caroline talks about how she sought her husband input on the decision. She shares how she sat him down to talk about the reality of prep and what he could expect when she got closer to her show. As the episode concludes, Caroline shares some of her favorite exercises that targets the glutes, hamstrings and shoulders, and follows that with advice for the newbie competitor and one who is on the road to pro.  In this insightful and not too “hippie” episode, Caroline shares a mountain of helpful tips for the competitor at any stage in her journey to the stage. CONNECT WITH CAROLINE HERE:  https://www.instagram.com/carolineofenstein_tcm/  and  https://linktr.ee/carolineofenstein_tcm CONNECT WITH CELESTE HERE:  https://www.instagram.com/celestial_fit/ and www.celestial.fit EPISODE TIME STAMPS: [2:28] Pre Stage Rituals [3:25] Competition Journey [4:36] Pushing calories to observe physique changes [7:44] Choosing to discontinue CrossFit [8:40] Sweeping all her classes in her first show and deciding to chase the pro card [11:28] Competing in Columbia [13:58] The importance of being specific in visualization [17:19] Unconditional Self Worth [20:46] Not basing self worth on success in bodybuilding [24:56] Feedback after earning her pro card [28:18] Developing a new plan with cancelled shows [22:04] INSTAGRAM IS NOT REAL [24:03] Positive Comparisons [31:27] Caroline’s journey to improve her relationship with food [34:45] Her inspiration to commit to the food freedom journey [39:30] Adapting nutrition to meet the demands of prep or improvement season [45:18] Committing to little habits in developing a daily routine [51:43] Adding up the little routines over time [53:49] Breaking up with your coach [57:45] Determining what you need for your own long term success [58:47] Self Advocacy [1:00:42] Hormone Health [1:04:09] The importance of addressing your personal demons revolving around your health situations [1:09:21] The importance of improvement season in regards to overall health [1:09:56] Making sacrifices in prep [1:11:42] Investing more energy in personal relationships during improvement season [1:10:32] Having a polar opposite partner [1:12:32] Seeking her husbands input on her decision to compete [1:13:24] The cause of hanger [1:16:22] Long term competition plans [1:20:17] Plans to start a family [1:20:49] Favorite glute, hamstring and shoulder exercises [1:26:27] Advice for new competitors [1:27:29] Advice for competitors on the road to pro

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24 Jul 2020

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How to get involved in coaching culture!- Featuring- Caroline Ofenstein, IFBB Pro

WPB Consulting Podcast

Are you ready to understand what it takes to be a coach? Want to know the process of competing as a physique athlete? Well, we have great news! Today's Podcast features Caroline Ofenstein, IFBB Pro Why we do what we do? We provide clarity to coaching. How? Through our 100% virtual coaching platform we help build confidence in nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. Our individualized human performance consulting and programming is for you and your team. Who is Caroline Ofenstein? Caroline is a lifelong athlete, and as of 2020, officially an IFBB Bikini Pro. She has been a nutrition and fitness coach since 2016 and currently works as an online coach for athletes and lifestyle clients with Tailored Coaching Method. You can connect with her on Instagram at @carolineofenstein_tcm If you are interested in a free step by step process of what it takes to be an IFBB pro check the link below: https://tailoredcoachingmethod.com/becoming-an-ifbb-bikini-pro/ If you're interested in our coaching services or what we do click the link below: https://linktr.ee/wpbconsulting Podcast Breakdown: Caroline Intro- Learn more about Caroline How Caroline became a Coach for Tailored Coaching Method The Journey of HOW Caroline became an IFBB bikini pro Continuing education and The importance of understanding coaching. Caroline’s why and her coaching style/passion. Describing competition in the NPC/IFBB bodybuilding federations. The culture of coaching and improving communication skills in business, lifestyle, and competition. Gathering data as a coach and utilizing it for client strategies. How Caroline Brings Clarity to Coaching.


9 Jul 2020

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109: Turning Pro In Columbia with Caroline Ofenstein

Bikini Diaries

Caroline is 28 years old and works as an online nutrition coach with Tailored Coaching Method. She's been competing for 2 years and received her pro card in February 2020 at the Olympia Amateur Contest in Columbia. She has always loved to challenge herself to see how far she can go in life. Her fitness journey began doing Crossfit. Her competitive nature and love for athletics led her to compete.  After competing in her first show she became nationally qualified. She had no idea at the time what that even meant at the time, but was extremely grateful and excited for what was to come. Her coach encouraged her to compete in Colombia so she went there and received her pro card. In this episode we do a deep dive on her entire experience. What are the benefits of competing abroad? What are some good things to take into account before going abroad? Caroline shares it all. We also talk about how she lost her period and the steps she took to bring it back, Her business as a coach and how she helps her clients achieve their results, and her goals in the sport. Learn all about Caroline and everything she has accomplished. Key Takeaways: 5 minutes from now could be the best moment of our life Don’t let setbacks get you down Rewards outweigh any tradeoffs  Be grateful Sleep a minimum of 7 hours a night Meditation and mindset work Resources: Caroline Ofenastein @carolineofenstein_tcm Tailored Coaching Method Apply Here LetsGetChecked trylgc.com/bikini use code Bikin20 for 20% off your test! "Use the code, "Bikinidiaries" for 10% off your purchase at angelcompetitionbikinis.comand don't forget to order your free sample kit  HERE!!! Bikini Stop Store: Merchandise on all things bikini ----->MyBikiniStop Join the Bikini Diaries Facebook Group Bikini Diaries The Highest Quality of competition tanning product protanusa.comUse code bikinidiaries for 20% of your next order Check out My Affirmation: myaffirmationfitwear.com Inside of every legging is an affirmation Use Code: bikini diaries for 10% off your next order Grab your Bikini Diarie's Honorary Tee to support the podcast https://naiymafit.com/shop/ Use code: bikinidiaries for 20%off Na'iyma Thompson Instagram: @Naiymafit Website:  Naiymafit.com Email: Naiymafit@gmail.com Bikini Diaries Podcast Instagram: @bikinidiariespodcast

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7 Jul 2020

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Caroline Ofenstein - Building The Female Physique, Periodizing Nutrition, Improving Your Relationships With Food, And More... (Tailored Coaching Method)

Living Lean

Today, I'm joined by Caroline Ofenstein from the Tailored Coaching Method team.Caroline is an online nutrition coach and IFBB Bikini Pro. She's someone who has made some dramatic changes to her own physique over the last few years, and coached many others through a similar process.On this episode, we dive into what Caroline's personal transformation process looked like (training + nutrition), and her advice for women who want to transform themselves.We also get into her strained relationship with food post-bikini show, how she overcame her struggles, and her advice to clients who want to do the same.Follow Caroline on IG here. Follow Celestial Fit on IG here.Check out Caroline's blogs on contest prep:1. Should You Do A Bikini Competition?2. Your Bikini Competition Crash Course (What-To-Know Before Competing)3. What Becoming An IFBB Bikini Pro Taught MeApply for Online Coaching with me HERE.


22 Jun 2020

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TKL14: Caroline Ofenstein (2018)

The Kronic Lifestyle

Today we have Caroline from the BoomBoomPerformance team! It was such a delight to hear her story of letting go of fear and diving into coaching 100%. Caroline sheds a ton of light on nutrition and the importance of eating REAL FOOD and lots of it especially if you're quite active. Tune in! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carolineofenstein_bbp/Coaching: https://bit.ly/2P1cSrW


2 Nov 2018