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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Laura Wieck. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Laura Wieck, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Laura Wieck. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Laura Wieck, often where they are interviewed.

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Holding Life While Holding Space for your Retreats with Laura Wieck

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In episode 79, Darla is joined by Laura Wieck.

This conversation sparked when we were doing a series called Transform the Leader and Laura and I happened to be texting about her retreat and some things that were happening on her retreat and it's such a super unique story and Laura, I just want to set the context of when you're a retreat leader, you're getting the transformation as much as your clients. You're opening this container for what's possible for people to step into and when you do that, you're also doing it for yourself and I've had all kinds of things happen leading up to a retreat or during a retreat or right after a retreat that are like bizarre things happening in life that have caused me to grow, that have caused me to go, “Oh gosh, this thing is happening... Can I share this on my retreat? It's really fresh. Can I really grow to be someone who can have this happening in my life and share it on retreat?”

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Apr 08 2020 · 42mins
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Interview with Laura Wieck, Accessing Your Innate Wisdom: The BodyMind Way

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Our Body is a powerhouse of intelligence, wisdom, and receptivity to the world around us. But our culture and societies teach us to value our brain over our body. We learn to judge the body, ‘fix’ the body, ignore the body, and listen only to our head. This perpetuates a cycle of disconnection, leaving us out of alignment, functioning as merely half beings.

The BodyMind way is a journey of coming home, of coming back into alignment with our gut brain, our heart brain, and our head brain. Because all are necessary for wholeness, especially as we move through a world that is more and more isolated every day. In this interview I sit down with Laura Wieck, founder of BodyMind Coaching. We talk about how to access this innate wisdom that is found within each of us, challenging how you may have been operating up until now.

We explore how to live the BodyMind Way, and how to live truly aligned.

If you would like to see if BodyMind Coaching is right for you, please reach out to me online, or book a call and let’s chat!
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Mar 20 2020 · 1hr 3mins
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The Power of Embodiment in Authentic Marketing w/ Laura Wieck

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When wielded well, spiritual entrepreneurship and soulful thought leadership allow for us to channel messages, insights, and brilliance from Source, Divine, Whatever-You-Want-to-Call-it... and share it with the world. What an incredible opportunity!

And when we focus on impacting people, not just wanting to sell... our messages will expand.

How do we approach marketing as part of our spiritual work? How do we stay authentic, and encourage new visions within our business?

In this episode, massage therapist, master coach, and creator of BodyMind Coaching, Laura Wieck shares how she is running a business while changing lives.

3 Things We Learned From This Episode

The true meaning of self-care 

If we are fully embodying self-care, we are grounded in our wholeness, embodied in the moment and in full connection with everything and everyone. Self-care isn’t just a surface level thing. It’s about going inward, honoring the body and mind, and making us feel more connected to everyone and everything. 

Intention of the message vs. the intention of a sale

If you put out information thinking you want people to buy, it will fall flat. If you focus on the message that’s trying to come through you, it will expand. 

Success isn’t selfish 

Don’t feel guilty about success, we are only receiving. When you receive success, it doesn’t just end with us. It means other people will get to receive it too. Our success creates a platform for more people to be seen and share in that energy.

Guest Bio 

Laura Wieck is a massage therapist, master coach, and creator of the BodyMind therapy and certification program. 

To connect with Laura, visit

Feb 13 2020 · 37mins
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Mind Body Connection with Laura Wieck

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In Episode 65, I am joined by Laura Wieck to talk about the Mind Body Connection. 

Laura is sharing some powerful lessons, one I want you to listen in for is what her job actually is today. In a conversation full of powerful takeaways you can take action on and stories of how we both listen to our intuition.

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Show notes

Apr 23 2019 · 50mins
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[Good Girls Get Rich Episode 43]: Be Intentional With Your Time And Your Income With Laura Wieck

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This week, Good Girls Get Rich features, guest, Laura Wieck. Laura is a licensed massage therapist and the founder of the Body Mind Coaching Program which teaches massage therapists and wholistic practitioners how to add coaching to their hands on work so they can break free from trading time for money. Her mission is to create a community of healthy and wealthy entrepreneurs.


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Episode Spotlights:
  • Laura was faced with a situation where she had to make more and work less – which is where her massage therapy coaching business (5:45)
  • Our greatest challenges are our biggest opportunity (8:30)
  • If you’re a lady in business, that’s not what you’re “supposed” to do (12:44)
  • Everybody had gone through something, but we live in a culture where we have to shove it down (14:40)
  • You can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created it (17:10)
  • Started her massage therapy business in 2008 (19:00)
  • The way we learn about our intuition is when we ignore it (23:30)
  • A big part of Laura’s process was learning how to step up and own her worth (24:00)
  • Learning how to create the structure and sell it was a turning point for Laura (27:43)
  • Everything that Laura created to use with her clients, she created once and was able to reuse (32:39)
  • Selling isn’t about asking for money, it is about asking them to invest in themselves (33:02)
  • One of Laura’s Mind Body Program goals is to support its members for long lasting change (37:39)
  • One high-end sale can change your whole business (38:20)
  • Find something you can sell for several thousand dollars, sell it, and then you have the space to do other things
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Jul 26 2018 · 47mins