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#009: Communication, Telemedicine and Startup Growth 💿 - Jacob Haddad

That Medic Podcast

In this episode we spoke to Jacob Haddad, the co-founder of AccuRx a startup striving to improve communication within healthcare. We discussed the cost of poor communication, the role of telemedicine and how to stand out in a rapidly advancing digital health market. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thatmedicnetwork Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thatmedicnetwork/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/medic_network LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/that-medic-podcast/ Subscribe to our newsletter: https://doctorinprogress.com/ Contact us: info@thatmedicnetwork.com Hiring Position: https://linktr.ee/thatmedicnetwork


20 Oct 2020

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Jacob Haddad from accuRx – Tactical Advice on Building Companies

The Seedtable Podcast

My guest today is Jacob Haddad, CEO of AccuRx, a London-based company working on a platform that brings patients and healthcare teams together. AccuRx started in 2016, raised a $9m Series A from Atomico and LocalGlobe in 2019 and has grown tremendously since then. I had Jacob on an earlier episode of the podcast but today's conversation is completely different. Jacob has a very deliberate approach to running accuRx so this episode is absolutely packed with tactical advise on how to start, build and run a company.We cover everything:   the accuRx’s origin and early days.  how Jacob uses curiosity and first-principles to solve problems  The importance of optimizing hiring for Values and Culture.  Why having an obsession with the end-user is key for companies working on an industry such as healthcare.  the AccuRx product development process and how it evolved over time.  and much much more. I hope you learn as much from this conversation as I did. 

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11 Aug 2020

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Podcast - Jacob Haddad - The accuRx story

The General Practice Podcast

accuRx have been on an interesting journey and one that they may not always be given credit for, given the overnight and overwhelming success of the simple, yet game changing software they have introduced to general practice over the last four months. From modest beginnings, working out of small numbers of practices on process improvement measures, to the inception of the messaging service and video consultations, super rapid rollouts, continuous reinvention and pioneering tech in scope for the future, co-founder Jacob Haddad takes Ben through, arguably, one of tech's biggest triumphs in healthcare and what accuRx means for primary care and beyond. Introductions (45 secs) Where accuRx began (1min 8 secs) A turning point (1 min 36 secs) The messaging service (2 mins 5 secs) The cause for the change in direction (2 mins 45 secs) Communication, communication, communication (4 mins 25 secs) A new approach to rollout (5 mins 16 secs) Video consultations and Covid triage (6 mins 15 secs) Feature design with patients and practice in mind (8 mins 9 secs) Rollout timeline (8 mins 24 secs) Identifying the need for more effective patient communication tools (9 mins) The surge in demand (9 mins 50 secs) Filling a gap in the market (10 mins 17 secs) Has the messaging service been the key enabler of change and improvement in healthcare? (11 mins 31 secs) Security, governance and information sharing (12 mins 1 sec) How long will the service continue to be free to use? (14 mins 17 secs) The "plus" tier (15 mins 50 secs) accuRx ethos (16 mins 6 secs) Working alongside health to build great tech (17 mins 54 secs) What's next for accuRx? (18 mins 55 secs) Staying up to date / more information (21 mins 49 secs) For updates on what's next on the accuRx horizon: Twitter @accuRx The accuRx Facebook user group is here


26 Jul 2020

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Jacob Haddad from accuRx – Healthcare as a Communication Industry

The Seedtable Podcast

🎙️ Listen on Apple Podcasts🎙️ Listen on SpotifyMy guest today is Jacob Haddad, CEO of accuRx, a London-based company working on a platform that brings patients and healthcare teams together. The accuRx story is fascinating. After struggling with their initial idea right out of Entrepreneur First, they pivoted, captured over 90% of the primary care market in the UK, and raised a round from some of the best funds in Europe, including Atomico and LocalGlobe.During this conversation we cover:  Why healthcare is a communication industry and the underlying incentives that drive it The non-obvious impact of COVID-19 for health tech The early years of accuRx, going through Entrepreneur First and the pivot into messaging How they optimize hiring for diversity, their unique culture and their product development process Jacob and I had this chat a couple of months ago, during the early phases of the lockdown, but it is more relevant than ever. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 


4 Jun 2020

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31: How AccuRx Chain Rapidly Mobilised To Support Family Doctors During The Coronavirus Pandemic With Jacob Haddad

15 Minutes With The Doctor: Learn from Healthcare Entrepreneurs and Innovators

In this episode, Vinay speaks with Jacob from AccuRx. Jacob is one of the creators of Chain SMS, a program designed for primary care to be able to easily and quickly communicate with their patients, video consult, and send documents. The text-based service has proved a hit with many doctors in a huge shift to virtual and remote consultations in response to Covid-19. Topics Covered in this Episode: Chain SMS and its key features The why Vinay’s experience with Chain SMS How AccuRx mobilised quickly Chain SMS statistics The interesting ways Chain SMS has been used during COVID Will there be continued use or growth after the pandemic? Chain SMS and its key features Originally designed for GP practices to communicate information with patients Over the past few weeks, have added the ability to collect data from patients, send documents, video consult, etc. The problem and the solution “As a company, we believe that healthcare is a communication industry.” The why Initially worked on antibiotic prescribing and how to send information to patients They wanted to build something easy-to-adopt and a useful way for doctors to contact patients. This led to them launching Chain SMS two years ago Jacob has a personal interest in healthcare systems and improving workflow Vinay’s experience with Chain SMS Chain SMS formed part of a model supporting a switch to a total triage system where patients avoid coming into the surgery “We do a new release of our software every couple of days, and are constantly making really small improvements.” How AccuRx mobilised quickly Dedicated time to building good infrastructure (updating software, user accounts, support team, etc.) The team is committed to helping users and improving constantly Over a weekend in March, they enabled features to help doctors respond more effectively to Covid-19 They wanted something that worked without an app or required new hardware and have also developed a hospital version “The need to communicate has only just become a lot more acute during Covid, because things cannot be solved face-to-face.” Chain SMS statistics 6 400 GP practices in England using the service out of a possible 7000 150 000 patient messages sent each day 15 000 documents and patient responses The interesting ways Chain SMS has been used during COVID Practices can speak to patients on the phone, create a summary of the record or referral, and send it directly to the patient for them to take it to hospital if needed Adding multiple people to video calls (other family members or interpreters) Patients wait in the car park, and doctors send an SMS when they’re ready to see the patient Will there be continued use or growth after the pandemic? Some facets aren’t specific to coronavirus Plans and hopes to bring new features and growth beyond primary care New features like facilitating patient initiation of sending a message For more information: Website: https://www.accurx.com/


1 May 2020

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AccuRx co-founder, Jacob Haddad tells us about how his text messaging and video consultation software is revolutionising communication in the NHS

Dr Hogg's Pod

In this weeks podcast we meet Jacob Haddad, co-founder of AccuRx, the SMS chain based software that is changing the face of communication in the NHS. It is especially timely in light of the current COVID pandemic that doctors have resources available that make communicating with their patients easier. Jacob takes us through the building of AccuRx, it's current features and plans for the future.   https://www.accurx.com


20 Apr 2020

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Episode 3: Fixing Communication in Healthcare || CEO of AccuRx - Jacob Haddad

SET Impact

AccuRx, are on a mission to change lives by bringing patients and their healthcare teams together.  Thay have built a world-leading healthcare communication platform Their mission is simple - to change lives by bringing healthcare professionals and patients together. Their technology is revolutionising the industry and transforming how healthcare is delivered.   Established in 2016 and now with £9m in Series A funding, accuRx is one of the UK's fastest-growing tech start ups. In our first year, we grew from only a few healthcare practices using our product to over 33% of the market.  Today, over 50% of GP practices rely on Accurx. They are on a mission is to be the sole communication platform powering the NHS.


1 Mar 2020