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19 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Trevor MacKenzie. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Trevor MacKenzie, often where they are interviewed.

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19 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Trevor MacKenzie. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Trevor MacKenzie, often where they are interviewed.

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WEP 173: Inquiry Mindset, an Interview with Trevor MacKenzie

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In this episode of The Wired Educator Podcast, I interview Trevor MacKenzie. Trevor is brilliant and has much to offer us as we prepare for this new school year. His knowledge and creative ideas on how to bring inquiry into any learning environment, whether it be remote, hybrid, or traditional is just the instructional practice we need. 

Trevor MacKenzie is an award-winning English teacher at Oak Bay High School in Victoria, BC, Canada, who believes that it is a magical time to be an educator.  By increasing student agency over learning, weaving in strong pedagogy, transformative tech use, and sharing learning to a public audience, Trevor’s learners are ready to take on important roles in the 21st century.

Trevor is the author of Dive into Inquiry: Amplify Learning and Empower Student Voice as well as Inquiry Mindset: Nurturing the Dreams, Wonders and Curiosities of our Youngest Learners .

Follow Trevor on Twitter at: @trev_mackenzie

Visti Trevor's website at: www.trevormackenzie.com and on Facebook.

Read Trevor's books: Dive into Inquiry: Amplify Learning and Empower Student Voice as well as Inquiry Mindset: Nurturing the Dreams, Wonders and Curiosities of our Youngest Learners.

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Jul 31 2020 · 48mins
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Episode 47 Inquiry Based Learning with Trevor MacKenzie

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In this episode of the Effective Teaching Podcast, Dan interviews Trevor MacKenzie author of "Dive into Inquiry" and "Inquiry Mindset". Throughout this interview Trevor explains the difference between inquiry-based learning (IBL) and Project-based learning and why we should consider using the inquiry model to instill lifelong learning in our students. He discusses the need for an inquiry mindset and throughout the interview Trevor explains how he implements IBL in his classroom. You will also learn some of the mistakes teachers make when implementing IBL and how you can avoid these to help students become successful in the inquiry process. This episode provides practical tips to help you begin to implement IBL in your classroom. Inquiry Based Learning with Trevor MacKenzie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Show notes
What is inquiry-based learning?Inquiry-based learning (IBL) is a teaching and learning approach that puts the process of learning front and centre and utilises questions to drive learning. Within this approach the teacher shifts to a facilitator of learning or a learning coach.Why would a teacher use inquiry-based learning?IBL focuses on the process of learning and so a teacher would use this approach if they valued the process of learning along with the content that is learnt. Using IBL helps to develop student as lifelong learners because it is the learning process that is taught, fostered and developed, as well as the learning of the content.How do you implement inquiry-based learning in your classroom?Trevor trains his students using the Understanding By Design template. He co-creates the learning with the students and progresses them from teacher driving inquiry to free inquiry with multiple steps in-between.How can inquiry-based learning go wrong?Often the mistakes come from teachers not having a clear definition of what IBL is or by jumping to free inquiry too quickly, which results in messy, un-focused learning.Where should a teacher start with inquiry-based learning?Start by heading over to Trevor's Website and looking through the resources.Start using questions to drive learning and see them as central to the learning process.Model, scaffold and guide the students through the inquiry process.

Check out the Swimming Sketchnote
Check out Trevor's Website
Dive Into Inquiry Book
Understanding by Design Book
Inquiry Mindset Book

Leave a comment below and tell me how you have implemented inquiry-based learning in your classroom!
Jul 07 2020 · 24mins

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Dive into Inquiry: Featuring Trevor MacKenzie

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How is your school or classroom encouraging and enhancing student curiosity and self directed learning? This week’s guest, Trevor MacKenzie, shares how embracing student questions through an inquiry based model gradually increased student curiosity, responsibility and learning. I’m so excited to have the author of “Dive into Inquiry” on the Aspire podcast! #AspireLead  

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In this Episode, we discuss:

  • Inquiry Learning Model
  • Distance Learning Inquiry
  • Online Professional Development 
  • And Finding our Voice through Social Media

Follow Trevor MacKenzie:

About Trevor MacKenzie:

Trevor MacKenzie is an experienced teacher, author, keynote speaker and inquiry consultant who has worked in schools throughout Australia, Asia, North America, South Africa and Europe. Trevor’s passion is supporting schools in implementing inquiry-based learning practices. He is a highly regarded speaker known for his heartfelt storytelling, kind demeanor, and student-first philosophy. 

Trevor’s graduate research focused on identifying and removing the barriers to implementing inquiry-based learning in the K-12 setting. He is an inquiry practitioner currently as a teacher with the Greater Victoria School District in Victoria, Canada. He has two publications: Dive into Inquiry and Inquiry Mindset, both published by Elevate Books Edu. He has vast experience supporting schools across several years in implementation strategies in public schools, international schools, and International Baccalaureate programmes (PYP/MYP/DP).



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As we continue through this journey of distant learning, I wanted to bring you some content specific to our current struggle. Instead of asking one person, I asked many of my friends to share their insight and wisdom. Since I had so many submissions, I'm going to break this up into several short bonus episodes. I asked these amazing educators one question: what tips or strategies would you suggest during this unprecedented time? I hope their responses provide value and strength during your distant learning experience.

May 09 2020 · 23mins
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Distance Learning Through Inquiry (with Trevor Mackenzie)

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In this unprecedented time of distance learning due to Covid-19, Trevor Mackenzie takes us through how to plan for your students remotely. He shares:

-the most important things to keep in mind before planning even begins

-his favourite platforms that really work for asynchronous and real-time instruction

-the one trick you need to keep in mind as you're planning in order to keep things simple for yourself, the parents, and the students you serve

-how to keep inquiry at the forefront of your planning in order to create a truly differentiated experience

Apr 10 2020 · 22mins

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Inquiry Learning with Trevor MacKenzie - Part 2

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In the previous episode, Trevor MacKenzie, educator, author, international speaker and consultant for Inquiry Learning, joined Jamie and Carol to discuss Inquiry Learning and the positive impact it has for students.  In this episode, they continue the conversation with a focus on assessment and how this process has changed.  Using conferencing and feedback, students gain a better understanding of their progress and are able to set goals for continued growth.

Mar 18 2020 · 28mins
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Inquiry Learning with Trevor MacKenzie - Part 1

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Supporting parents with gaining a deeper understanding of current educational pedagogy has been the focus of this year’s podcasts. In this episode, Trevor MacKenzie joins Jamie and Carol from Victoria, B.C., Canada. Trevor is an educator, author of two book and an international speaker and consultant for Inquiry Learning. Trevor shares his wealth of knowledge and experience as he broadens our understanding of Inquiry Learning.

Mar 07 2020 · 32mins
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Inquiry Learning with Trevor MacKenzie – Part 1

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Supporting parents with gaining a deeper understanding of current educational pedagogy has been the focus of this year’s podcasts. In this episode, Trevor MacKenzie joins Jamie and Carol from Victoria, B.C., Canada. Trevor is an educator, author of two book and an international speaker and consultant for Inquiry Learning. Trevor shares his wealth of knowledge and experience as he broadens our understanding of Inquiry Learning.
Mar 03 2020 · 32mins
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Dive Into Inquiry with Trevor MacKenzie

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What do you truly love to do? That single question put educator Trevor MacKenzie and a struggling student on an unintended and life-changing journey of inquiry, discovery, and meaningful learning.  It was a journey that completely reshaped the way Trevor leads his classroom.

With the belief that all students deserve a chance to dig into their passions and curiosities, Trevor has created a scaffolded approach to personalized learning by identifying the Types of Student Inquiry: Structured, Controlled, Guided, and Free Inquiry.  Each type requires students take progressively more control over their own learning, this inquiry-based learning model equips students to become lifelong learners.

And we're lucky because Trevor joins us on Anchored in Education today to talk more about inquiry-based learning and his book, Dive Into Inquiry.

After listening, head over to www.escottengland.com to find the show notes, read more about Trevor, and find links to his books and other resources.

Dec 16 2019 · 34mins
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107 - Trevor MacKenzie: Inquiry, Assessment, and Lifetimes of Learning

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TREVOR MACKENZIE is a learner, teacher, speaker, consultant, and outdoor enthusiast. He is regarded by many as the preeminent voice on inquiry-based learning today, authoring Dive into Inquiry: Amplify Learning and Empower Student Voice (https://amzn.to/33fGvZE) and co-authoring Inquiry Mindset: Nurturing the Dreams, Wonders, and Curiosities of Our Youngest Learners (https://amzn.to/2JNgjhs).

In our conversation, Trevor recalls the challenges of his first years in the profession. He defines inquiry-based learning, describes how educators can take their first steps into the inquiry swimming pool, and answers the questions many educators have around assessment in an inquiry model. Trevor goes on to talk about what else is setting him on fire in education today, his next big professional goal, a productivity hack that he holds dear, and a personal passion completely outside of education. As we close, he also shouts out some of the voices and resources that shape his thinking and inspire his professional practice.

You can connect with Trevor ...

On Twitter @Trev_MacKenzie

On Instagram @TNTMacKenzie

At his website: https://www.trevormackenzie.com/

Visit https://teachersonfire.net/ for all the show notes and links from this episode!

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Nov 04 2019 · 55mins
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Inquiry-Based​ Learning with Trevor MacKenzie

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What is Inquiry-Based Learning?

In Episode 116 we talk with Inquiry-Based Learning expert Trevor MacKenzie. MacKenzie has authored two books on the topic and just returned from an Australian Tour in which he was spreading the word about Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL).

For MacKenzie, IBL is all about getting the students to have a more active roll in the class and exploring students questions and curiosities as entry points into the curriculum.

“Sometimes that teacher is in the front of the room and leading the way so to speak,” says MacKenzie. “Sometimes that teacher is that guide along the ride. Someone who facilitating and supporting learnings.”

Makenzie, who trains educators around the globe on how to implement IBL says they’re trying to do is give the classroom experience over to the students. He says students should be able to take ownership of what they’re learning.

Where does an educator begin?

Makenzie pushes for a gradual release of responsibility from the teacher to the student.

“I always start my unit design with a big overarching ‘Un-Googleable’ question and I make that question front and center in my classroom,” says MacKenzie.

He’s even built an info graphic where he models IBL like a swim coach teaching someone to swim. He even hangs the picture in the classroom for his students to see and he encourages teachers to download and print the picture for their own classrooms.

MacKenzie is also really big on provocation. He shows students a lot of videos tied to their curriculum to spark interest and curiosity, but he’s ultimately determining wha questions his students have around the curriculum.

Want to learn more?

Mackenzie has authored two books on the topic. He says if you teach middle school or high school “Dive into Inquiry” is for you. If you teach younger students you may want to read “Inquiry Mindset.”

To hear our full conversation about Inquiry-Based Learning with Trevor MacKenzie, listen to Episode 116 on your favorite podcasting app or iTunes.

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Sep 04 2019 · 32mins