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Why people buy Bitcoin with Phil Geiger

Untold Stories

My guest today is Phil Geiger, the managing director of concierge services at Unchained Capital. Unchained Capital is a blockchain financial services company that lends cash to long-term crypto holders. It offers cash loans to long-term cryptocurrency holders in a secure, fast, and transparent manner, backed by multi-signature cold-storage custody solution. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Austin, TX. Phil is the managing director of concierge services at Unchained Capital. His team teaches clients how to hold the private keys to multisignature addresses in the personal, retirement, and business contexts. Prior to joining the Bitcoin space, Phil spent a lot of time in the healthcare space. Phil was a PM at Epic, a software and IT company focused on building products and services for the Healthcare industry. Phil is a Bitcoiner, before joining Unchained, he regularly helped curious people try Bitcoin by teaching the economics that describe it. He gave educational presentations for beginners, provided one-on-one consulting, wrote featured articles for publications, and contribute meaningfully to the discussion on social media. His technical contributions include running a full v0.17.1 BTC node plus LND (ran BIP148), contributing to BTC fork claimer python script testing, and testing Éclair and LND Lightning nodes. Phil even developed a safe process for claiming 25 Bitcoin forks, and advised where and how to sell most of them. My conversation with Phil is a must listen for anyone interested in understanding Bitcoin-native financial services or the philosophical aspects of Bitcoin. In our discussion we cover how Unchained Capital is building tools to empower Bitcoiners, why Bitcoin is the perfect money, the Cantillon Effect, why Central Banking is unAmerican and much more. Phil explains how Unchained Capital gives their clients access to self-custody Bitcoin Roth IRAs and how Unchained Capital structures their company to never be the single point of failure for their clients. Phil goes on to discuss the differences between Bitcoin Financial Services and DeFi. We get into a deep discussion about the growing impact Bitcoin and Bitcoiners are having on mainstream society. Another important topic we discussed is how the principles behind Bitcoin are fundamentally American and how principles of Central Banking are inherently communist. We finish our conversation by discussing how Unchained Capital's Bitcoin-backed Loan service works and how Unchained is building the safest Bitcoin native financial service platform for Bitcoiners. Please enjoy my conversation with Phil Geiger.--ParaSwap:If you want to make a swap at the best price across the DeFi market, check out https://untoldstories.link/paraswap. ParaSwap’s state-of-the-art algorithm beats the market price across all major DEXs and brings you the most optimized swaps with the best prices, and lowest slippage.---This podcast is powered by Blockworks. For exclusive content and events that provide insights into the crypto and blockchain space, visit them at https://blockworks.co


14 Sep 2021

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Episode 263 - Phil Geiger of Unchained Capital on Multisig, Onboarding New Bitcoiners, and Responding to Critiques of Collateralized Loans

The Rollo and Slappy Show

Subscribe to the podcast Two episodes ago, we had JW Weatherman on to discuss the problems with Bitcoin collateralized loans.  Unchained Capital was specifically mentioned, so Phil Geiger reached out to let us know he disagreed with some of what was said, so we invited him on the show to talk it through. Items mentioned Episode 260 – The Perils of Collateralized Bitcoin Loans with JW Weatherman Follow Phil Twitter: @phil_geiger Learn about Bitcoin at a trickle BitcoinTrickle.com Join our Sphinx Tribe The Rollo & Slappy Show Sponsor Liberty Mugs Keep in touch with us everywhere you are Join our Telegram group Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter: @RolloMcFloogle @Slappy_Jones_2 Check us out on Patreon Learn everything you need to know about Bitcoin in just 10 hours 10HoursofBitcoin.com Podcast version

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3 Aug 2021

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002. Phil Geiger - An Introduction to Money and Bitcoin

The Dumbest Guy in the Room

Recorded 5/19/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$38,000 Phil Geiger is a Director at Unchained Capital and exceptionally well-versed in the Bitcoin space. I made this episode specifically for people that are newer to Bitcoin and the ideas that it introduces so that they can start to learn from the base layer--Phil does a phenomenal job of explaining these concepts in a clear, concise, and easily digestible manner. On this show he does a wonderful job of walking the listener through the properties of money, how Bitcoin is different than what we are accustom to and much more!  Where to find Phil Geiger: @Phil_Geiger (https://twitter.com/phil_geiger) Email: phil@unchained.com Unchained Capital (https://unchained.com/) Medium (https://medium.com/@philgeiger) 2:00 - Phil’s introduction to Bitcoin 4:30 - Keynesian and Austrian Economics 5:30 - How Bitcoin solves gold’s problems and establishes itself as sound money 7:15 - What is money? - Money at its core is the first layer and a communication tool - “Which is ultimately why I believe that bitcoin will be selected as the global reserve currency.” (13:35) 13:45 - Digital scarcity, what is it and how did Bitcoin achieve this? How Bitcoin increases in decentralization over time 17:00 - Bitcoin vs. Ethereum, Doge, all other altcoins 21:45 - Network effects of Bitcoin 24:30 - Bitcoin being anti-fragile due to its decentralized nature - short term volatility does not equal fragility 27:30 - Is Bitcoin alive? 31:15 - Have you been afraid at any point in Bitcoin? 36:40 - Multi-signature and owning your own keys - self-custody of your Bitcoin 45:00 - Bitcoin's future as humans become an interplanetary species 47:45 - Bitcoin as a clock 55:30 - A deeper dive into the 5 properties of money - scarcity, divisibility, durable, fungible, portability 1:01:40 - Altcoins - “Bitcoin gives you the power to reject other people’s money” 1:03:25 - Volatility and how it leads to long-term stability Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper (https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf) Swan Bitcoin - (swanbitcoin.com/e3) Cash App - (https://cash.app/app/KWJSDQR) Keynesian vs Austrian Economics (https://www.investopedia.com/articles/economics/09/austrian-school-of-economics.asp) Gradually, Then Suddenly - Parker Lewis (https://unchained-capital.com/blog/category/gradually-then-suddenly/) Bitcoin Astronomy - Drew Fonsell (https://unchained-capital.com/blog/law-of-hash-horizons/) Kardashev Scale (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kardashev_scale) Bitcoin is Time - Gigi (https://dergigi.com/2021/01/14/bitcoin-is-time/) HODL Waves (https://unchained-capital.com/hodlwaves/) Bitcoin is the Mycelium of Money - Brandon Quittem (https://www.brandonquittem.com/bitcoin-is-the-mycelium-of-money/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTgDQ56Su38) The Blocksize War - Jonathan Bier (https://www.amazon.com/Blocksize-War-controls-Bitcoins-protocol/dp/B08YQMC2WM) An Economic Analysis of Ethereum - Lyn Alden (https://www.lynalden.com/ethereum-analysis/)

1hr 9mins

20 May 2021

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The UKBitcoinMaster Podcast Series

#bitcoin (18/03/2021)  Back after 18 months, Brian The UK Bitcoin Master talks with Phil Geiger from Unchained Capital about how the #Bitcoin landscape has changed over the last 18 months, as well as discussing the fast evolving loaning and borrowing against your Bitcoin industry. Phil’s links:  https://twitter.com/phil_geiger https://www.unchained-capital.com https://www.unchained-capital.com/blog/category/gradually-then-suddenly/ Support The UK Bitcoin Master Brand: Leave a Lightning tip: https://tippin.me/@UKBitcoinMaster Leave a BTC tip: 3AQfQDVxz7Nyz68tJjwS44D7McvaWZvL2L


18 Mar 2021

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#57: Phil Geiger And Parker Lewis From Unchained Capital Joins To Talk Bitcoin Backed Loans.

Funky Crypto Podcast

Ben Askren of the UFC and John Kim of the Litecoin Foundation sits down with guys from Unchained Capital to discuss bitcoin backed loans and secure custody.


22 Jan 2021

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Swan Lounge: The Saylor Hedgeye Interview with BTC Sessions, Phil Geiger and Aaron Arnold

Swan Signal - A Bitcoin Podcast

Breaking down the Michael Saylor interview on Keith McCullough's Hedgeye show. And whatever else comes up!Watch the full interview with Michael Saylor here: https://app.hedgeye.com/insights/9042...Make sure to check out BTC Sessions' YouTube Page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChzL...You can find Aaron from Altcoin Daily here: https://www.youtube.com/c/AltcoinDail...And connect with Phil Geiger of Unchained Capital on Twitter: https://twitter.com/phil_geigerFor one of the best multi-sig custody solutions available, check out: https://unchained-capital.com/For more from Michael Saylor, follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/michael_saylorAnd check out the Bitcoin page on Micro Strategy's website: https://www.microstrategy.com/en/bitcoinAlso don't miss Michael's recent appearance on Swan Signal Live: https://youtu.be/FJ-0b6NLo4QConnect with Swan on social media:Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwanBitcoinTelegram: https://t.me/swansignalLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/swan...Sign up for the safest way to accumulate Bitcoin: https://swanbitcoin.comGet paid to recruit new Bitcoiners: https://swanbitcoin.com/enlist


21 Oct 2020

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TO MULTI-SIG OR NOT w/ Phil Geiger and Ben Carman

Bitcoin Rapid-Fire

Bitcoin security is one of the most important things to learn about when entering this space. It also requires constant refinement, as new technologies and methods are developed for providing more robust and functional solutions. Multi-Sig is one such method that has become an increasingly popular way to secure bitcoin, in a manner that is not reliant upon a single point of failure. However, some people have not been sufficiently convinced of the benefits to warrant going through the effort and learning curve of making such a change to their current setup. I thought it would be helpful to have a discussion about the merits and drawbacks of this approach to security with two people on either side of the debate.  Enjoy!  -  More from Phil:  TWITTER: https://twitter.com/phil_geiger WEBSITE: https://unchained-capital.com/ More from Ben:  TWITTER: https://twitter.com/benthecarman More from me:  TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2P7PUjA YOUTUBE: https://bit.ly/3aBbZxg MEDIUM: http://bit.ly/2Zk0Dex INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/30r7IqY The BitBox02 Bitcoin-Only Hardware Wallet is a safe and easy way to do so. Get 5% off here: https://shiftcrypto.ch/bitbox02/bitcoin-only/?utm_source=rapidfire&utm_medium=webcast&utm_campaign=landingpage&ref=rapidfire Get 10% off on the BITCOIN 2022 CONFERENCE IN MIAMI! The 2021 conference was EPIC, and 2022 is going to be even bigger and better. Use the promo code 'RAPIDFIRE' at checkout: http://tixr.com/pr/rapidfire/26217 If you're in Canada and looking to buy bitcoin at competitive rates, with an emphasis on privacy and security, check out bullbitcoin.com. If you're in the US, the best option is Swan Bitcoin. Use this link to get $10 of free bitcoin! http://bit.ly/3rvxVlA Once you buy bitcoin, you should take self-custody.

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24 Sep 2020

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KDC #106: Phil Geiger- Secure Your Bitcoin with Unchained Capital´s Multisig Vault

The Keyvan Davani Connection

Phil Geiger, Director of Product Marketing at Unchained Capital, joins me in this educational episode to talk about:   -Why Bitcoin? -What is a Multisig Vault & importance of distributed Multisig-Keys -Ease of Use & the first questions asked by a Bitcoin-noob?   -Simple Recovery Process   -Connecting Caravan´s Multisig to your Full Node   -Evolution of Society & Technology in a Hyperbitcoinized World  and much more !   Love, share, re-tweet, follow, & subscribe!   Links:  twitter: @phil_geiger / @unchainedcap Website: unchained-capital.com   youtube: Unchained Capital Thank you for listening and your support! I would appreciate a positive rating & review on anchor.fm/keyvandavani or any other platform, if you have enjoyed my show. Subscribe to my Podcast-Show on:  Apple Podcast: https://apple.co/2IA2dhV Google Podcast: https://bit.ly/31rSymq Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2wOfq1k Breaker: https://bit.ly/2IzhiQO Overcast: https://bit.ly/2R4nnbJ Castbox: https://bit.ly/34DbM97 Pocket-Casts: https://bit.ly/2XElbKv Radio Public: https://bit.ly/2I86iuH twitter: @keyvandavani   Website: keyvandavani.com/podcast  TheTotalConnector.com YouTube: youtube.com/c/keyvandavani  Bitcoin-sponsors are welcome! hello@thetotalconnector.com  Thank you for listening and your support! Keyvan --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/keyvandavani/message


15 Jul 2020

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Read_411 - 21 Million is Non-Negotiable [Phil Geiger]

Bitcoin Audible

"Distorting supply only serves to distort a currency’s ability to perform its job of storing and communicating value; it can’t make a currency more valuable or secure." - Phil GeigerDigging back into the Unchained Capital Blog we find a fascinating framing of the problem of Bitcoin's security at the end of the block subsidy era, where costs will be paid directly by those making transactions. Will the network be secure, or will we need more inflation, breaking the ultimate value of the system itself, in order to subsidize the hashes protecting the timechain? Find out in today's article, "21 Million is Non-Negotiable" by Phil Geiger.The full article is found below, plus the incredible list of other work at the Unchained Blog:https://unchained-capital.com/blog/21-million-is-non-negotiable/Get your slice of the 21 million today while you can still easily buy millions of sats for very little! The best way is to auto-purchase at a regular interval so you are always saving your money in the scarcest good in the world. For $10 free to start off, go to SwanBitcoin.com/guy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


1 Jul 2020

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The 1 Bitcoin Trump Bet with American HODL & Phil Geiger

What Bitcoin Did

“Pete, if me and you watch the election together and Trump wins, I’m going to feel this weird mix of feelings because I will have just taken 5 grand of you… but I’m also going to be pretty fucking worried because I think we’re going to immediately see riots.”— American HODLLocation: ZoomDate: Tuesday 23rd July Company/Project: N/A & Unchained Capital Role: N/A & Director of Product MarketingThroughout 2019, President Trump's re-election campaign looked to be on steady ground, but 2020 has been a very different story.Following the outbreak of COVID-19, countries across the world have gone into lockdown. However, Trump, Fox News and a large number of key Republicans initially played down the risk of the pandemic, and Trump has faced fierce criticism for his lack of decisive action. The US has been the most severely affected country, with around one quarter of all recorded infections and deaths.During this same period, the killing of George Floyd sent shockwaves across America. Millions took to the streets to protest police brutality and to campaign for Black Lives Matter. Many of these protests quickly turned violent and, again, Trump was criticised for his lack of decisive action and leadership, epitomised when he retreated to his bunker rather than addressing the nation.The pandemic and protests have opened up the election race, and while Trump has furiously Tweeted, Joe Biden has mostly retreated from public view. Support for Trump appears to be dropping, and most recently, Trump's rally in Tulsa was only attended by 6,200 people in attendance, in a building with a 19,000 capacity.While 2020 has been mostly negative for Trump's re-election campaign, he does have fiercely loyal supporters, and while the polls indicate Biden has a clear lead, this will likely be another close election.I tweeted that I would bet anyone $5,000 in Bitcoin that Trump would lose. American Hodl (@hodl_american) took me up on the bet. Phil Geiger, from Unchained Capital, agreed to arbiter the debt, holding the 3rd key in a multisig wallet we set up using Unchained Capital's Caravan product.In this interview, Hodl, Phil and I discuss the bet, US politics, if the current economic and social situation is positive or negative for Trump, populism, voter suppression and the election race.This episode’s sponsors:Kraken - The best place to buy, sell & trade BitcoinBlockFi - The future of Bitcoin financial servicesSportsbet.io - Online sportsbook & casino that accepts BitcoinCasa - The leading provider of Bitcoin multisig key security.-----WBD237 Show Notes: https://www.whatbitcoindid.com/podcast/the-1-bitcoin-trump-bet-with-american-hodl-phil-geiger-----If you enjoy The What Bitcoin Did Podcast you can help support the show my doing the following:Become a Patron and get access to shows early or help contributeMake a tip:Bitcoin: 3FiC6w7eb3dkcaNHMAnj39ANTAkv8Ufi2SQR Codes: Bitcoin | Ethereum | Litecoin | Monero | ZCash | RipplecoinIf you do send a tip then please email me so that I can say thank youSubscribe on iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | SoundCloud | YouTube | Deezer | TuneIn | RSS FeedLeave a review on iTunesShare the show and episodes with your friends and familySubscribe to the newsletter on my websiteFollow me on Twitter Personal | Twitter Podcast | Instagram | Medium | YouTubeIf you are interested in sponsoring the show, you can read more about that here or please feel free to drop me an email to discuss options.

30 Jun 2020