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Neuroscience for Global Mental Health - With Ilina Singh, Ph.D.


Ilina Singh, Ph.D., author of our Cerebrum magazine cover story “Neuroscience for Global Mental Health,” discusses her experience on the Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health and the NeuroGenE global initiative in psychiatric ethics. Podcast Transcript: http://on.dana.org/cerebrum-transcript-singh


15 Oct 2020

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Ilina Singh

National Elf Service

Prof Ilina Singh, Professor of Neuroscience and Society at Oxford University talks about the Epidemiology and Data Science session at the #OxPsych50 event.


18 Mar 2019

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Lecture | Ilina Singh | Disciplinary Disharmonies: Can There Be a Shared Vision for Global Neuroscience Ethics?

Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture

In June 2016, a small group of world-leading neuroscientists, ethicists, social scientists and clinical researchers came together with two goals: to initiate a global research consortium in neuroscience ethics; and to come up with a research agenda for that consortium. Were the goals met? Yes and no. In this talk I identify some of the key clashes, the strange alliances, and the isolation tactics that collectively enabled the consortium to establish an identity and a mission, at a cost. I will draw on some recent theories of disciplinarity to understand what happened in the meeting; but I will also suggest that a key problematic, that between ‘ethics’ and ‘values,’ has not been taken sufficiently seriously by those who endeavour to construct multi- and inter-disciplinary research initiatives in neuroscience ethics.


15 Nov 2016