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Echo in Ramadi Major Scott Huesing | Mike Ritland Podcast Episode 123

Mike Drop

Scott Huesing is a retired United States Marine Corps Infantry Major with 24 years of service, including 10 deployments to over 60 countries worldwide. He has led hundreds of combat missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa, and since then he's authored the bestselling book, Echo in Ramadi, which tells the story of his experiences and the sacrifices of his fellow Marines during the Second Battle of Ramadi in 2006. Today, Scott serves as the Executive Director of Save the Brave, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans and active duty military personnel. But regardless of the time that's passed since, one thing's for sure - Scott still feels the Echoes of Ramadi, in one way or another.----------Chapters:00:00 - Intro01:45 - California & Texas03:45 - Morning Routine09:30 - The Waukegan Kid14:45 - Genetically Predisposed16:45 - Operation Desert Shield Desert Storm 25:43 - A Criminal Justice Degree 28:00 - Becoming an Infantry Officer33:00 - Generational Differences35:00 - So We Were Living in Saddam's Palace...40:00 - The Impact of 9/1145:30 - On Hazing48:00 - Boots on the Ground56:30 - Working For the Government1:04:30 - The First Ramadi Gunfight1:06:00 - Corporal Libby1:13:00 - Where the 2nd Amendment Doesn't Work1:23:00 - Active City Tactics1:35:30 - Dog Day Afternoons1:38:30 - Fighting in the Al Anbar Province1:45:30 - The Meaning of 'Echo in Ramadi'1:48:30 - Homeward Bound1:54:30 - Expeditioning in the Horn of Africa1:57:30 - ... But Do You Miss It?2:00:30 - Getting Into Nonprofit Work2:05:30 - Save the Brave----------Support Scott Huesing: Veteran Support - Save the Brave: https://savethebrave.org/Book - Echo in Ramadi: The Firsthand Story of US Marines in Iraq's Deadliest City: https://amzn.to/3Gn5LChWebsite - Echo in Ramadi: https://bit.ly/3iiHXXWFB: https://www.facebook.com/EchoinRamadiIG: https://www.instagram.com/echoinramadi/------------Sponsors:MUD/WTRGo to mudwtr.com/mike to support the show and use code MIKEMUD for 15% off!------------Bubs NaturalsThe BUBS namesake derives from Glen ‘BUB’ Doherty, who was heroically killed in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. In addition to remembering Glen for the patriot he is, the BUBS ethos centers around the passionate and adventure seeking life that Glen lived. BUBS Naturals products are rooted in sustainably sourced ingredients and controlled consistency to provide our customers with the highest quality Collagen Protein & MCT Oil Powder that help you feel amazing and live a fuller life.Our mission is simple. FEEL GREAT. DO GOOD. 10% always goes back to charity, helping military men and women transition back into civilian life. Go to bubsnaturals.com and use code MIKEDROP for 20% off your order.------------Athletic GreensAthletic Greens is going to give you a FREE 1-year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 FREE Travel Packs with your first purchase. All you have to do is visit https://www.athleticgreens.com/MIKEDROP------------Fueled by TeamDog | www.mikeritlandco.com | @Teamdog.petALL THINGS MIKE RITLANDSHOP for Fueled By Team Dog Performance Dog Food, Treats, Apparel, Accessories, and Protection dogs- MikeRitlandCo.com - https://www.MikeRitlandCo.comTeam Dog Online dog training- TeamDog.pet - https://www.TeamDog.pet

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8 Jan 2023

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Episode 122: Scott Huesing “U.S.M.C./Echo In Ramadi”


This week in the studio a retired United States Marine Corps Major with 24 yeas of service, with time as both an enlisted man and an officer. During that time he was deployed 10 times to over 60 countries. He has been to Afghanistan, The Horn of Africa, and Iraq, where he was responsible for planning and conducting hundreds of combat missions that destroyed insurgent strongholds wherever they may have popped up. During his time of service he learned numerous lessons about leadership,humility, and being there to provide comfort when someone is in need. He has written a best selling book about his time leading the men of 2 nd Battalion 4th Marines who endured some of the most intense fighting in the second battle of Ramadi. In retirement he gives his time to veteran causes working with Save the Brave with the mission to stay proactive to the needs of the veterans that they serve. He is the co host and producer of the Break it Down Show Podcast and he is here tonight to talk about Combat, Fatigue, Family, Post Traumatic Stress and taking care of the person to the left and right of you. I am proud to introduce Scott Huesing….

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31 Oct 2022

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Ep 691 | Martha's Vineyard Goes MAGA?!? Tells Migrants to GO HOME | Guests: Don Aman & Scott Huesing

The Chad Prather Show

As America continues down the road to the midterm elections, Beto O’Rourke is trying to become the governor of Texas. In his latest attempt to connect with people, he posted the most annoying video on social media. Who is Beto trying to pander to? Minutemen Coffee owner Don Aman and author Scott Huesing rejoin the podcast to discuss the future of our divided America and how we can come together as one. President Biden continues to divide the nation by labeling people as "MAGA Republicans,” and people like Sasha Stone are tired of the name-calling coming from American leadership and social media. Can America ever come back together? If you haven’t heard by now, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent a busload of immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, and the Left is losing its mind. Chad is here to point out the hypocrisy via a new character he created. Kenosha is back in the news after scumbag Joshua Ziminski was arrested on felonious charges. Why is this story important? Once again, the Biden administration is sending more military aid to Ukraine while Americans are struggling as inflation is on the rise.Today's Sponsors:Go to http://PREPAREWITHCHAD.COM right now and grab your 20% SAVINGS off EACH 3-Month Kit you need. This is the affordable way to build your emergency food stockpile while you still can. If the day ever comes when you need to fall back on this food, it will be worth much more than what you paid. iTarget Pro comes in all the major calibers including .223 so you can stay sharp with almost any firearm. SAVE 10% PLUS FREE SHIPPING with the offer code CHAD, when you go to go to http://iTargetPro.com, right now.Go to http://HomeTitleLock.com. Then simply enter your address for your free, no obligation home title scan. This is how you discover if a cyber thief is already camping on your home's title.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


20 Sep 2022

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Ep 690 | Fighting the Left with Parallel Economy | Guests: Don Aman & Scott Huesing

The Chad Prather Show

What does a parallel economy look like in 2022? Don Aman, owner of Minutemen Coffee, joins the podcast to discuss how social media has cancelled their accounts and how the Left is trying to shut them down. Why is the Left so scared of the American capitalist? Author Scott Huesing joins the podcast to discuss the latest happening in a Biden America. Canada not only has the worse prime minister, but it now has the worst common sense when it comes to schoolteachers. A transgender Canadian teacher was seen on campus wearing the biggest prosthetic breasts you’ll see in public while teaching shop class. Why are we normalizing this?Today's Sponsors:ScoreMaster technology was developed by credit data scientists to boost your credit score higher and faster than you though possible. ScoreMaster is so easy it takes about a minute to get started and you don't have to wait months for your best credit score! How many points can you add to your credit score? Be sure to visit http://ScoreMaster.com/CHAD for the special 7-Day trial I got for you.Patriot Mobile has affordable plans for you, your family, EVEN YOUR BUSINESS. They offer the same nationwide coverage as the major carriers because they use multiple major networks. Plus, you’re supporting conservative values with every call. Go to http://PATRIOTMOBILE.COM/CHAD or call 972-PATRIOT. It’s easy! No waiting rooms or pharmacy visits. KEEPS is delivered straight to your door at about half the cost. Half the cost! And, if you have questions, you can message your KEEPS doctor 24/7. If those balding jokes are wearing thin, join thousands of guys who have saved their hair. Visit http://KEEPS.com/LOSS for 50% off your first order. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


19 Sep 2022

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7-26-22 FULL SHOW - Inflation and business; Scott Huesing's Ride for the Brave

The Ross Kaminsky Show

1hr 47mins

26 Jul 2022

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7-26-22 INTERVIEW Ret USMC Major Scott Huesing on Preventing Veteran Suicide

The Ross Kaminsky Show


26 Jul 2022

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S2E2 Scott Huesing - Bestselling USMC Author

American Hero Show

Retired USMC Infantry Major Scott Huesing joins Travis and Tim to talk about his bestselling book "Echo in Ramadi: The Firsthand Story of US Marines in Iraq's Deadliest City" and how he helps raise awareness for veteran suicide and PTSD through the nonprofit organization "Save the Brave."Support the show


5 Jul 2022

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Discover the Difference with Scott Huesing

Discover the Difference

On the fifth episode of Discover the Difference, co-hosts Jamie Reid and Gabe Erle talk to best-selling author and retired Marine, Scott Huesing. Scott’s book, Echo in Ramadi, details his combat experience from 2006-2007 as the Echo Company Commander in Ramadi - the deadliest city in Iraq. He’s charismatic and answers every question with brutal honesty. Can you guess which of Gabe's questions he’s never been asked in all his time as a guest on 100s of podcasts, motivational speakerships and interviews?A CUENTO Production

1hr 20mins

1 Sep 2021

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08 20 21 Jonathan Rauch John Mallett Paul Beale Scott Huesing

The Ross Kaminsky Show

Jonathan Rauch: The Constitution of Knowledge - A Defense of Truth * John Mallett: Don't be stuck in a "renter's mindset" * Paul Beale: That star is going way too fast, and it's going the wrong way! * Maj Scott Huesing (USMC Ret, "Echo in Ramadi") reflects on Afghanistan

2hr 18mins

20 Aug 2021

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Scott Huesing - Save the Brave - Veteran Suicide Awareness

Brian Thomas


11 Aug 2021