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059 / The Power Of Entrepreneurship with Cait Scudder

This Is Woman's Work with Nicole Kalil

I’m joined today by Cait Scudder - Forbes Featured Business Coach, Host of the “Born To Rise” Podcast, and Internationally recognized Online Business Expert - who’s on a mission to empower 10 million driven, bold-hearted women to create profitable purpose driven businesses that can change the world. Now THAT is a mission I can get behind. If you have a dream that just won’t go away. If you’re considering an opportunity that excites the hell out of you. If you have it in your heart to start a business and the only thing that’s holding you back is fear, then Get. Into. Action. Yes it might be hard, yes it is scary, and yes you could fail...but you could also change EVERYTHING. “The woman that you are becoming will cost you people, relationships, spaces and material things. Choose her over everything.”  Now that is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Cait you can visit her website at: www.cait.co To join the Honor Your Ambition 12 week Mastermind, visit honoryourambition.com and follow us on Instagram @honoryourambition


9 Jun 2021

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[134] Here’s How to Ditch the Annoying Guilt and Get Support Now with Cait Scudder

Real Happy Mom Podcast - Time-Management, Gentle Parenting, & Self-Care Strategies for the Busy Working Mom!

Sometimes it can seem impossible to juggle motherhood and entrepreneurship. Especially if you are pregnant and wanting to launch before your baby arrives. What it told you that you can be awesome in your business and at home as a mom. But you have to get help!Too many times moms feel like they have to walk around in a cape and do everything themselves. But we are not meant to do this alone.That's why I've got my guest today, Cait Scudder. In this episode Cait shares:Her story of going from a private school teacher to an entrepreneur (and wasn't an overnight success)How she was pregnant and manage to have a half-million-dollar launch before giving birthThe things that she did in her business to ensure success without having to work moreWhy moms aren't getting the support that they needCheck out the full episode learn how to ditch the guilt and get the support you need now.ABOUT CAITCait Scudder is a TEDx speaker, internationally recognized success expert, and multi 6-figure business coach. Her mission is to empower one million driven, bold-hearted women to tap into their genius and create profitable, purpose-driven businesses that change the world. Cait’s work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Thrive Global, among several other publications. She is the host of the Born to Rise podcast and free Facebook community for female entrepreneurs, The Radiant Entrepreneur. CONNECT WITH CAITWebsite: https://caitscudder.com/Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/caitscudderFacebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theradiantentrepreneurInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/caitscudder/Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.ca/caitscudder/Freebie: https://sales.caitscudder.com/sell-better-make-bank38325561SHOW NOTES FOR THIS EPISODE: https://www.realhappymom.com/134REAL HAPPY MOM INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/realhappymom REAL HAPPY MOM COMMUNITY: https://www.facebook.com/groups/realhappymomSign up for my weekly newsletter and get 9 mom’s ultimate mom hacks for living a happy and productive life.Support the show (https://ko-fi.com/realhappymom)


29 Apr 2021

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Episode 66 - Scaling Your Business To 6-Figures and Beyond with Cait Scudder

Mums in Biz Podcast

Welcome into this week episode of the Mums in Biz Podcast we are so excited to kick off this week with an incredible Female Entrepreneur. This week Kyla sits down with Cait Scudder a high school teacher turned Forbes-featured 7 figure Business Coach for women entrepreneurs. Cait is a TEDx speaker, host of the Born to Rise podcast, and internationally recognized online business expert, as well as a loving mama and wife. Kyla has been following Cait for a few years now on Instagram and her journey has been incredible to watch. Moving from the USA to Bali and now in Australia where she is residing with her husband and 5-month-old daughter. Cait’s mission is to empower ten million driven, bold-hearted women to uncover their zone of genius and use it to create a profitable, purpose-driven business that changes the world. Kyla explores Cait’s story and the process she went through transitioning into an entrepreneur and what that looked like for her, learnings, ups and down and the incredible journey she has had so far. Diving deep this interview was about really getting into the juicy stuff, Kyla wanted to know more about how if we were already turning over 5 figure months in our business what was the “secret sauce” and steps we need to be focusing on to pivot and really turning it into 6 figures and beyond. Cait left nothing untouched, and she explains through the “how to” what you can do right now to explode revenue in your business all while staying authentic and building a business that purpose driven. The nuggets of wisdom and tips uncovered during their time together can be implemented right now and are so simple. She also let us into how she blends motherhood with her business now with a little one and also travelling back to the States as she is this month. The support she has and who is inspiring her at the moment on the entrepreneur scene. Episode 66 - Scaling Your Business To 6-Figures and Beyond with Cait Scudder is one you definitely do not want to miss!  Cait’s work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company and Business Insider among several other publications. Find her inside her free Facebook community, The Radiant Entrepreneur, where she shares weekly free trainings and content for her community of boss babes, or on her website at caitscudder.com. Thanks for listening and we will see you next week! Kyla and Emilia x ---- If you are wanting to connect with Cait further, then here are a few links below:Website: www.caitscudder.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/caitscudder Facebook: www.facebook.com/caitloneragan Facebook Group: The Radian Entrepreneur  ----- OUR MUMS IN BIZ FB GROUP IS WHERE IT ALL HAPPENS. Watch our live podcast recordings, join in and ask questions. Click to join our Mums in Biz Facebook Group. Emilia Ohrtmann Website: www.emiliaohrtmann.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/emiliaohrtmann Facebook: www.facebook.com/emiliaohrtmannco Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/EmiliaOhrtmann Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/emiliaohrtmann ---- Kyla Neill Business Coach + Mentor Instagram: www.instagram.com/succeedingwithkyla Facebook: www.facebook.com/succeedinginheels


22 Mar 2021

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Evolving With Your Brand To Achieve Your Online Business Goals with Cait Scudder

The Laptop Lifestyle Podcast

The messy business you started as a new entrepreneur will not be the same refined business that takes you into that 6 and 7 figure arena. Shifting and evolving your brand identity is a normal (and expected) process of scaling and growing a successful online business - even if it seems scary! It’s time to embrace and even welcome the change that wants to happen and give yourself permission to evolve and level up your brand in an organic and natural way. Today’s amazing pioneering guest is giving tips to help you do just that! In this episode, I am talking to Cait Scudder, a seven-figure entrepreneurial mama, and business coach who has successfully evolved her brand identity by staying true to herself and owning her narrative at every stage of her business growth. Cait is here to give us her incredible insight on how to shift your brand as your business grows, why you need to trust the unknown of entrepreneurship, how to neutralize your energy to create success despite the obstacles and problems you face in our business. In this episode, we cover… Understanding the foundations of your brand identity Fears that come up with brand evolution How to welcome the identity shift that comes with change The importance of normalizing problems that occur in entrepreneurship Identifying the shifts and evolutions you have to step into to make your business sustainable ”I want you to normalize what that pioneering process is really like. And remember, leaders go first. We step into that unknown and figure it out as we go, and figure out how to optimize that. And that is such a normal part of the journey. It doesn't mean you're doing it wrong. That's literally what growing as an entrepreneur is.”- Cait Scudder Connect with Cait: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caitscudder/ Website: https://caitscudder.com/ Radiant Entrepreneurs Facebook Group Born To Rise Podcast Nail Your Niche Thanks for listening, and if you like what you've heard, feel free to share this episode with your friends! There are so many amazing women waiting to discover the Laptop Lifestyle, and I'd love you to help me spread the word.  Don't forget to screenshot this episode and share it on your Insta stories to win a free coaching call with me! Resources and links mentioned in this episode: Come hang out with me on Instagram or in the Laptop Lifestyle Entrepreneur Facebook Community! Head over to AmandaKolbye.com for more business tips and resources for the traveling entrepreneurs. Subscribe and Listen to The Laptop Lifestyle Podcast Review the Laptop Lifestyle Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts Get on the waitlist for my Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp! 


2 Feb 2021

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How to use Facebook Groups for Business with Cait Scudder

Become a Media Maven

You can get a lot of value from a Facebook group - both by being active in one to grow your brand or by starting and growing your own Facebook group. In this episode, Cait Scudder, a business coach for female entrepreneurs is sharing how she uses Facebook groups to grow business by growing relationships. For her, it all goes back to the purpose of the group. Once you set that foundation, the content will follow, then more. Some resources mentioned in this episode: Instagram: Instagram.com/caitscudder Facebook group: Facebook.com/groups/theradiantentrepreneur Website: Caitscudder.com Podcast: Born to Rise Podcast Please subscribe to this podcast and leave an honest review on Apple Podcasts. Your ratings and reviews really help and I read each one.


12 Jan 2021

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Ep# 137: How to Nail Your Niche to Sell with Ease with Cait Scudder

Scaling Up

Today’s topic gets me pumped, because I think it’s one of the most important things an entrepreneur can do for their business! Niching down…  But more and more I’m seeing entrepreneurs terrified to get specific and niche down: “What if it drives away other people?” “But I’m multi-passionate!” “Well, I want to do a lot of things…” Okay that’s fine… but do you want to make sales? Today we’re going deep into going deep. We’re talking about how to nail your niche and drive the bottom line in your business! This is a must-listen episode with special guest, Cait Scudder. Cait is a TedX speaker and business coach (and a soon-to-be mama!) with a mission to empower one-million driven, bold- hearted women to tap into their genius and create profitable and purpose driven businesses! I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Cait and she’s a gem. She pours all of her knowledge into this episode! www.elizabethhartke.com/podcast/137 Are you looking for a community of entrepreneurs that will teach you how to scale your business AND support you on your journey? You might be the perfect fit for the Maverick Mastermind! Learn more here!


9 Nov 2020

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EP 048 - Soul-Centered Sales With Cait Scudder

The Soulful Social Podcast With Madison Tinder

Today we’re talking all things Soul-Centered Sales with Cait Scudder, high school teacher turned Forbes featured, seven figure business coach for women entrepreneurs. We’re discussing: Navigating setting up your business to support you during pregnancy How having help and support is crucial to your success What soul-centered sales actually is How to sell to your audience when you’re a heart-centered entrepreneur How to apply soul-centered sales within your business  How hiring decisions are part of our sales process and how we should trust your feelings and connection with others Cait’s top two pieces of advice for helping you gain confidence with sales Grab some pen and paper for this one and let’s dive right in! Connect with Cait: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caitscudder/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theradiantentrepreneur Her Podcast, Born to Rise, here: https://caitscudder.com/podcast/ Grab a copy of Cait’s eBook, Sell Better Make Bank, here: https://sales.caitscudder.com/get-free-ebook Take your business to a whole new level with my courses: -Mini-Trainings for Profit: https://www.madisontinderllc.com/mini-trainings-for-profit-page-Soulful Social Digital: https://www.madisontinderllc.com/SoulfulSocialDigital -The Winning Wailtlist: https://www.madisontinderllc.com/thewinningwaitlist-waitlist -Soul & Scale Membership with Avery Yaktus: https://www.madisontinderllc.com/soul-and-scale -Soulful Social Free Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/soulfulsocial/


18 Sep 2020

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Cultivate Your Zone Of Genius Ft. Cait Scudder | Ep. 120

Badass Manifester Podcast

It's time for you to write your own narrative to success and cultivate your zone of genius! On todays episode, Ashley is joined by business coach & success catalist, Cait Scudder. Cait shares her secrets to success that led to her crazy successful business that started in Bali. Learn proven strategies to that your clients will be attracted to and remember that whatever lights you up in life is what you should go after! It's not an overnight success like you hear about in her TED Talk, but following what fulfills you is most important.Follow Cait:@caitscudderFacebook.com/groups/theradiantentrepreneur Borntorisepodcast.comsell.caitscudder.comwww.caitscudder.comMore From Ashley www.manifestwithash.comFollow her on IG: www.instagram.com/manifestwithashJoin her private FB: www.facebook.com/groups/badassmanifestersOrganifi Discount: https://www.organifishop.com/?platform=grin&link_id=188599&token=L15vwSVaVFQJ4L0RFsmr19ktxzGR4tuK&contact_id=13dfee62-49ce-4571-9004-8d5b0ebab5d1&attribution_window=30


27 Jul 2020

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Do The Work with Cait Scudder: Multi-Six Figure Quarter Despite Serious Set Backs


I’m talking with Business Coach and Success Catalyst Cait Scudder about how mindset helped her start and scale her business to 6 figures in under a year, all from her laptop while traveling the world. Cait is the PERFECT example of doing the work to make things easier AND still getting results. Cait had a multi-six figure quarter while in a difficult first trimester and is breaking down how she lets her mindset do the work *for* her. Learn more about Lacey alituplife.com Learn more about Cait https://caitscudder.com


29 May 2020

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Ep 58: Scaling to Multiple 6 figures With Cait Scudder

Fully Free with Taylor Lee

Today I am so excited to introduce this incredible woman, Cait Scudder, who as a multiple six figure coach is a wealth of knowledge. In this episode she shares on how she scaled to multiple six figures, signing 1:1 clients, how she hasn’t had to promote her 1:1 program for 8 months, raising your rates, when to raise your rates and productivity while on the run(for those of you who love to travel or are working momma’s). Cait Scudder is a TEDx speaker, internationally recognized success expert, and multi 6-figure business coach. Her mission is to empower one million driven, bold-hearted women to tap into their genius and create profitable, purpose-driven businesses that change the world. Cait’s work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Thrive Global, among several other publications. She is the host of the Born to Rise podcast and free Facebook community for female entrepreneurs, The Radiant Entrepreneur. Don’t forget to subscribe + leave a 5 star review if you do! Follow Taylor Instagram - @_thetaylorlee Facebook - facebook.com/thetaylorlee Join the Fully Free Facebook Group for Free: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fullyfree Learn more about Unleash Your 6 Figure Badass: http://thetaylorlee.com/unleash OVERWHELMED WITH #ALLTHETHINGS YOU'RE "SUPPOSED" TO DO? Get the FREE checklist and discover the exact tasks I do every single day to create a multiple 6-figure coaching business. http://thetaylorlee.com/todolist


5 May 2020