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Learning with the Brain in Mind – Michael Hebron and Susie Meyers #185

Karl Morris - The Brainbooster

Today we have a very special show as we welcome back to the Brain Booster Michael Hebron and Susie Meyers. The podcast with Susie a few weeks ago went down really well and we had some tremendous feedback. On that show Susie mentioned how much Michael Hebron had been an influence on her career. I can say the same myself. Michael was very kind to me a number of years ago when he welcomed me to his club at Smithtown Landing in New York and he allowed me to watch him teach. We have kept in touch ever since From those early days Michael has evolved his coaching from a very technique orientated model to one that is much more about the nature of LEARNING How we need to create learning environments to allow students to best develop their game. Michael has spent many years researching the most productive ways to coach and learn with the brain in mind The conversation flowed in a number of directions that you will find useful to consider Golf is a game of motion not positions The importance of time in the golf swing Bad swings are not made when get out of time A putting swing and a driver swing take the same time The concept of ONE in the swing Coaching to get students to THINK How we react to the images in our mind before the shot How to create more effective images How we can develop effective sub conscious learning The myth of ‘muscle memory’ What we CAN influence before he shot The vital role of IMAGINATION How emotions drive so much of our development To find out more about Susie Meyers go to www.susiemeyersgolf.com To find out more about Michael Hebron Go to www.michaelhebron.com Find out about the Mind Caddie App The Mind Caddie for IOS here: https://apps.apple.com/my/app/mind-caddie-play-better-golf/id1567910600 For Android here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mindcaddie.android To become a Mind Factor coach Go to www.themindfactor.com


13 Aug 2021

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29. Michael Hebron PGA - A Life of Learning


Michael Hebron is a long time PGA professional, and one of the most influential instructors in the game of golf. In this episode we discuss learning, instruction, mindset, and golf.0:04:20 "Better doesn't exist": Michael's unique approach to learning and progress0:16:02 Be PLAY-ful: Cultivating the growth mindset to make significant improvement0:20:59 Training the tool: Understanding the rules of the golf club0:26:20 Mind the GAP: Eliminating expectations to improve performance0:39:50 Michael's evaluation of modern golf instruction (plus tips!)0:51:13 The power of learning, memory, and applying0:57:40 Michael's advice on how to enjoy your time on the golf courseMICHAEL HEBRON FULL BIODecades ago Michael Hebron played a key role in orchestrating the first PGA of America Teaching and Coaching Summit, bringing together over 700 instructors from 14 countries to share ideas on teaching methods. Following that event, Michael gained the nickname of "the teacher's teacher.”Through his dedication Michael earned the honored status of becoming the 23rd PGA of America Master Professional. His book, See and Feel the Inside Move the Outside, was the first golf instruction book accepted as a PGA thesis.Michael has appeared on The Charley Rose Show, Today Show, The Golf Channel and numerous local cable shows. Golf Magazine and Golf Digest have consistently named Hebron as a member (since their first listings) of America’s Top 50 Instructors.NATIONAL AWARDSPGA Hall of Fame 2013World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame 2019 Presently top 28 teacher as ranked by GOLF DIGEST in 2013Sam Snead Award – Met PGA 2010Golf Magazine Top 50 Instructors List 1991–presentPGA of America Teacher of the Year 1991National PGA Horton Smith Trophy Recipient 1990Top 15 Golf Digest’s Teacher’s Choice List 1998–present (elected by peers)Lindy Award (Junior Golf) 1973INTERNATIONAL HONORSCreated and Coordinated:1990 — 1st European PGA Teaching Conference1989 — 1st Canadian PGA Teaching Conference1988 — 1st PGA of America Teaching and Coaching SummitConsulting Instructor — Swiss PGA, French PGA, Italian PGA,Swedish PGA, Finland PGAMET PGA DIVISION AWARDSMET PGA Horton Smith Award 1990, 1989, 1981MET PGA Professional of the Year 1982MET PGA Teacher of the Year 1991, 1987MET PGA Honor Roll 1973SOCIETY MEMBERSHIPSLearning and the Brain Society (LBS)American Society of Training and Development (ASTD)American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)National Center for Science Education (NCSE)Association for Scholastic Curriculum Development (ASCD)Phi Delta Kappa International Education Association (PDKIEA)High School Coaches Association (HSCA)Professional Golf Association of America (PGA)United States Golf Association (USGA)AUTHOR. Learning With the Brain In Mind • Golf Swing Secrets…and Lies: Six Timeless Lessons (book)• Blueprints for Building Your Golf Swing video (rated 4 stars of 5-starexcellence by Golf Magazine)• Blueprints for Parents & Children Learning Golf (DVD)• See and Feel the Inside Move the Outside (book)The Art and Zen of Learning Golf (book)• Building and Improving Golf Mind, Golf Body Golf Swing (book and video)• NGF’s Instructor’s Guide and Coach’s Guide• Contributor to PGA Teaching Manual, PGA Tournament Manual, and First Swing publications


28 Apr 2021

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Interesting viewpoint on LEARNING w/ Michael Hebron

Golf Science Lab

Michael Hebron has helped push golf instruction to pay more attention to the brain, how we learn, and improving the practice of golfers all around the world. To back it all up he's been a PGA NATIONAL TEACHER OF THE YEAR and TOP 50 INSTRUCTOR GOLF DIGEST AND GOLF MAGAZINE.


29 May 2020

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Michael Hebron – Creating Optimal Learning Environments #102

Karl Morris - The Brainbooster

Today on the Brain Booster we have a great friend of the podcast and world renowned coach Michael Hebron. Mike is one of the most respected and well researched coaches in any sport. He has dedicated his life to the quest of finding out what is the best way for individuals to LEARN to get better. His passion is creating great learning environments All of his concepts and ideas are backed by solid science. In our time together we discuss multiple topics all with the aim of making a difference to your game. Michael talks about his evolution as a coach How he went from gaining numerous awards and accolades teaching in way that he knew was not the most productive for the student Mike had the great courage to question himself and then to CHANGE He took a path which had at the heart of it the student and not the ego of the coach or the latest ‘must do’ swing technique. Michael has travelled the world giving seminars and workshops to most of the PGA’s of the world. We get the chance to discuss such topics as How the brain doesn’t tend to work well with too much detail When you have ‘in the ball park’ concepts the brain can create movement How everything happens in the brain first How concepts change movement not ‘positions’ How rhythm and timing are SO important to the golfing puzzle How the golf course will always ask you key questions IF you are listening Why we need to be adaptable not consistent How you can develop a better relationship to failure and why this is so vitally important Mike makes some great suggestions as to how you can improve both as a player and as a coach As ever Michael was so generous with his time and above all his spirit. You can only gain beneficial knowledge by spending time in his company Enjoy the experience To find out more about Michael Hebron go to www.michaelhebron.com To get your copy of the Lost Art of Playing Golf go to www.thelostartofgolf.com To find out more about becoming a Mind Factor coach or hosting a Mind Factor workshop go to www.themindfactor.com


12 Dec 2019

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Michael Hebron: Teaching vs Learning

The Lesson Tee

Among the top 50 & 100 teaching professionals since 1996, Michael Hebron stopped by the Lesson Tee Show. In this first Podcast installment, Michael talks about his paradigm shift and difference between teaching and Learning....fascinating. Perhaps the most knowledgeable teaching pros, listeners are sure to get a lot to 'chew on' while enjoying my chats with Michael Hebron.


1 Jun 2017

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Learning to Learn with Michael Hebron, Professional Golf Instructor and Author

The Secrets to Winning with Dr. Bhrett McCabe

Decades ago Michael Hebron played a key role in orchestrating the first PGA of America Teaching and Coaching Summit, bringing together over 700 instructors from 14 countries to share ideas on teaching methods. Following that event, Michael gained the nickname of "the teacher's teacher".  Highly respected throughout the international golf community, Michael consults on golf instruction to PGA America, Switzerland, Italy, France, Finland, Canada, Japan, Sweden, India, Australia, Chile, Costa Rica, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Czech Republic, Spain, and Denmark. He has given instruction clinics at 30 PGA of America sections.  Through his dedication Michael earned the honored status of becoming the 23rd PGA of America Master Professional. His book, See and Feel the Inside Move the Outside, was the first golf instruction book accepted as a PGA Master’s thesis.  Since then, he has written hundreds of articles for leading golf magazines and authored 4 other books and 3 DVDs. Michael has appeared on The Charley Rose Show, Today Show, The Golf Channel and numerous local cable shows.   Golf Magazine and Golf Digest have consistently named Hebron as a member (since their first listings) of America’s Top 50 Instructors. Over the years, Hebron has worked with many successful golfers from the PGA and LPGA tours and several national champions in America and abroad PGA including three men's major winners.  He has also worked with many successful high school and college golfers—but Michael’s pride is working with club golfers.


1 Jun 2017

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Michael Hebron, PGA Hall of Fame is 'on the Tee'

The Lesson Tee

Know as the 'teachers' teacher' Michael Hebron, PGA Master Professional joins us on the Lesson Tee Radio/Internet Show Friday 14 April 2017. A PGA Hall of Fame member, Michael is highly regarded and known for his dedication to teaching and learning. The Lesson Tee Show Friday at 11:05am EDT.


13 Apr 2017