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John Nichols: Manchinema: Two Against Their Party

The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow


2 Oct 2021

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Study of Romans 1 [ p.6 ] - [09/22/2021] - John Nichols



22 Sep 2021

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"I AM"- Part 1 - John Nichols



8 Aug 2021

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'BradCast' 8/4/2021 (Guest: The Nation's John Nichols on OH special elections, 'Death by DeSantis')

The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman

Independent investigative journalism, broadcasting, trouble-making and muckraking with Brad Friedman of BradBlog.com


5 Aug 2021

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May 28, 2021 - Late Pick 5 Churchill Downs w John Nichols

Sport of Kings Podcast

Scott and Chris are joined by Churchill Downs clocker John Nichols to handicap the late pick 5 at Churchill Downs Saturday, May 29.


28 May 2021

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John Nichols: Labor and Care: Two Revolutions

The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow


10 Apr 2021

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Episode 11: John Nichols

Krystal Kyle & Friends

This week’s episode of Krystal Kyle & Friends, featuring journalist and author John Nichols, turns to the history of American progressivism in order to understand how the left can analyze its opportunities in a Biden presidency and strategize to build institutional power.

1hr 55mins

13 Mar 2021

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One Year After a Local Tragedy with John Nichols

Faith in the Folds

In this inaugural episode of Faith in the Folds, I sit down with minister John Nichols to discuss what has happened in the year since destructive and deadly tornadoes swept through middle Tennessee on March 2-3, 2020.


2 Mar 2021

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John Nichols & Sabrina Malhi - February 15, 2021

The Conversation

John Nichols and Sabrina Malhi speak with Francesca Fiorentini on The Conversation.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


15 Feb 2021

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John Nichols, " The Fight for the Soul of the Democratic Party: The Enduring Legacy of Henry Wallace’s Anti-Fascist, Anti-Racist Politics,"

Madison BookBeat

Stu Levitan welcomes Madison’s own John Nichols for a discussion of his new book The Fight for the Soul of the Democratic Party: The Enduring Legacy of Henry Wallace’s Anti-Fascist, Anti-Racist Politics, from the fine folks at Verso Press. As to Henry A. Wallace, he was, during the thirties and forties, the highest-ranking antiracist, anti-fascist leader in American politics. For a time in the late thirties and early forties, he was also, after Franklin Roosevelt, the most important American politician. Two terms as the New Deal Secretary of Agriculture, the war years as the most powerful vice president in modern history, up to that point. Even after losing the vice-presidential nomination to Harry Truman in 1944, he remained powerful, as secretary of commerce. But then FDR died six weeks into his fourth term, and Wallace was not enough of a Cold War imperialist for the new President, who fired him in the fall of 1946. Which set the stage for his ill-advised and ill-fated campaign as the Progressive Party candidate for president in 1948, and a long slow slide into an outcast’s obscurity. What his career meant at the time, has meant since, and could mean for the Democratic party in the future, has occupied John Nichols for some time, and is the focus of this new book. As to John Nichols, you probably know he is a Wisconsin native, associate editor of The Capital Times, National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation, and contributing writer for The Progressive and In These Times. And in his spare time, he writes books. In addition to this latest book about Henry Wallace, John is the author of Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse: A Field Guide to the Most Dangerous People in America; The Genius of Impeachment (New Press); Jews for Buchanan; and a best-selling biography of former vice president Dick Cheney, Dick: The Man Who is President , which was also published in French and Arabic. He edited Against the Beast: A Documentary History of American Opposition to Empire (Nation Books), and with Robert W. McChesney, has co-authored half a dozen book about the failings of the media and politics, most recently People Get Ready: The Fight Against a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy.  Brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters, it is a pleasure to welcome to MBB my friend, John Nichols.


7 Feb 2021