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Betsy DeVos and Sal Khan on education and entrepreneurial disruption

Acton Line

In this episode, we're bringing you a panel discussion featuring Betsy Devos and Sal Khan that was delivered as part of Acton University Online 2021. The Panel was moderated by Jeff Sandefer, entrepreneur and founder of the Acton School of Business. An educated citizenry is fundamental to securing a free and flourishing society.  Innovation, technology, and entrepreneurial endeavors are transforming education in many ways.  This panel examines common myths about learning and the provision of education, highlights the great entrepreneurial efforts to improve its quality and accessibility, and explores what the future holds in providing an education that secures creative opportunity, growth, and fulfillment for everyone.Bio | Sal Khan Bio | Betsy DeVos Bio | Jeff Sandefer America's Public Schools: Crisis and Cure - Chapter 1 What’s driving the decline of religion in America? Secular education A silver lining in the Golden State's school shutdowns The Myth of a Value-Free Education The Entrepreneur as Servant The Biblical Case for Entrepreneurship Subscribe to Acton Institute Events podcast See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


30 Jun 2021

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Social Media Censorship and Betsy Devos

Red, Blue, and Gold

On todays episode, the guys discuss Donald Trump being banned from twitter, and whether or not it is ethical for social media companies to ban people based on political commentary. Later, the guys also go down a tangent about sketchy politicians and the not so revered Betsy Devos. This episode was recorded on January 21st, 2021.  Music and Editing by: Matthew Garrett Produced by: Tucker Hall Directed by: Eyobel Berhane


29 Jun 2021

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Episode 10: Betsy DeVos

Shootin' Straight with Ken Buck

This week on Shootin’ Straight with Ken Buck, I had the honor of interviewing Betsy Devos, the former Secretary of Education. During our discussion, Betsy Devos talks about how she and President Trump brought school choice into the national discussion and how we can fix our failing education system.


13 May 2021

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The Life & Lies of Betsy DeVos (Part 2 of 3)


Kyle & Daryl are back with part 2 of their deep dive into the ins and outs of educational leadership. This week they pick apart the life of former Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos #NerdEDU // Slide into our DMs: @NerdEDU_Podcast // Give Kyle a shout out: @Kyle.WD // Hit up Daryl: @DarylManese

1hr 18mins

10 May 2021

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Episode 4: Who's Thinking of the Students? An Interview with Sec. Betsy DeVos

The Truth with Lisa Boothe

Teachers’ unions care about their pocketbooks. Politicians care about their agendas. But who’s looking after the best interests of the students? For this podcast, Lisa finds out why no one in power seems to be asking this question. And she has the perfect guest to help dissect the state of our nation’s education system: former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Together, they have an in-depth conversation about school choice, Title IX, Critical Race Theory, and much more. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


8 Apr 2021

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“The Importance of the Socratic Method in our Schools” & “Why is Betsy DeVos Allowing Western Civilization to be obliterated?”

From The Median featuring Molly Smith

Luke Macik & Megan Fox: In Part One: Luke who is Headmaster, The Lyceum discusses why it is imperative that we reclaim our school systems from Marxist controlled dominance locally, statewide, and nationally. In Part Two: Megan who is an author and reporter for PJ Media joins Molly to discuss the disturbing facts that prove our children are being fed a non-stop diet of Marxist indoctrination in our schools who are literally throwing Western Civilization into the dumpster!


28 Jan 2021

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Episode 3: Betsy DeVos We Didn't Ask For You!

She Said, sHe Said!

In this episode MaJesty and The Minister discuss Betsy Devos giving the commencement speech at Bethune Cookman, a HBCU. Come laugh and get 2 different POV's (point of views) from a feminine lesbian and a masculine-centered lesbian.


20 Jan 2021

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Season 2, Episode 6: Who will replace Betsy DeVos?

Class Disrupted

Diane and Michael tackle the question of who the next secretary of education might be by starting with what the US Department of Education actually does. And in the wake of California’s announcement that it will shorten its annual tests by half, they debate how–and whether–annual testing should take place this spring. https://archive.org/download/class-disrupted-s-2-e-6-final/Class%20Disrupted%20S2E6%20final.mp3

11 Nov 2020

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S1E34: Real American Heroes With Betsy DeVos

Real American Heroes

My 18 Grand-kids need to be educated in the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic. President Trump’s Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, joins me to tell us all how we can make it happen!

3 Nov 2020

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Betsy DeVos: it's important for students to get back to school full time

The Kuhner Report


18 Sep 2020