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5. Fixing the relationship between sales & marketing - with Bill Macaitis

The Sales Ladder

In this episode, Bill Macaitis, former CMO of Slack, Zendesk and Salesforce, talks about the broken relationship between sales and marketing and what his experience running marketing teams of some of the leading software companies of the century has taught him.- Why do most sales and marketing teams not work well together?- What metrics should you have in place for a function team?- PLG strategy at Slack


13 Aug 2021

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Building a Billion-Dollar SaaS Marketing Playbook with Bill Macaitis

Chargebee's Champions of Change Podcast

Joining Vikram on the podcast today is one of the most prolific marketers within the SaaS industry, Bill Macaitis. For the very few who may not know, Bill has served as the Chief Revenue Officer and the Chief Marketing Officer at Slack, where he was instrumental in helping it become the fastest-growing B2B company ever to hit $100M in annual recurring revenue in just two years. He has also served as the leading go-to-market executive at both Zendesk and Salesforce, and, these days, Bill helps other companies achieve hyper-growth employing a unique customer-centric approach, through his company, Macaitis Advisory.Bill begins by sharing his perspective on how B2B brands can be unique, some examples of using humor in marketing, the things he has done differently to delight customers, and the concept of products being developed ‘out of pain’. He offers his views on the ‘magic’ he has brought to companies and the components that go into it, such as finding a larger mission, changing hearts and minds, accessing the beginner mindset, and maintaining ensuring that marketing is communicating value rather than simply being annoying. Bill concludes by sharing his main takeaway for marketers gleaned from his vast experience in, and keen insight into, the field. As you will hear, Bill brings his trademark sense of humor and delight which he injects into marketing to this highly informative and thoroughly entertaining interview here today.


20 May 2021

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#59 Product Led Growth with Bill Macaitis

Sales & Marketing Talk Show

Product-Led-Growth with Bill Macaitis. Bill is Growth Advisor and previous CMO of Salesforce, Zendesk & Slack. In this episode we discuss with Bill about: ✔️ What is Product Led Growth? ✔️Why companies should invest in Product Led Growth? ✔️Slack is a very common example of Product Led Growth. What were the biggest learnings while building PLG there? ✔️ PLG is all about delivering value before the paywall. Bill shares his thoughts on how to get the customers see the wow-moment quickly? ✔️ Do we need sales people if there is PLG? ✔️How to get started with PLG? ✔️ What are Bill's favourite places for inspiration on PLG?


18 Mar 2021

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#80 Applying B2C strategies to B2B marketing with Bill Macaitis (former Slack CMO)

Media Camp with Sergey Ross

B2B companies can learn a TON from B2C and create vibrant brands audiences relate to. Bill Macaitis shares a few excellent marketing examples from his bag of tricks that helped him build brands like Zendesk, Slack and Salesforce.Key takeaways: why qualitative measurement of campaigns will lead to a better long term brand strategy how a strong content marketing strategy aligns content with the product how to find and create simple moments of delight in B2B software Mentions: Manager Tools podcastConnect with Bill on Linkedin Say HI to me on Linkedin


10 Nov 2020

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Bill Macaitis (Former Slack CMO, Zendesk CMO, SVP at Salesforce)


Bill Macaitis is the former CMO at Slack, CMO at Zendesk, and SVP of Marketing at Salesforce.PS. here's a secret offer to join DGMG for just $1. Join 2,300+ B2B marketers in the DGMG community today. See you in there.Thanks to our friends at Hatch for producing this episode -- you can get unlimited podcast editing at www.usehatch.fm.


4 Oct 2020

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S01 E08: Bill Macaitis – Authentic B2B Email Marketing

Pushing Send

In this episode, we welcome Bill Macaitis, a marketer who is committed to taking a customer-centric approach in everything that he does. Bill has led marketing at Slack, Zendesk, and Salesforce and he talks about how he has used email to authentically engage B2B customers. For him, email marketing is more about adding value than making a sale, playing the long game of educating and entertaining the audience to gain their trust and build relationships. Email offers the exciting opportunity to connect with prospects on a highly personalized basis, and he talks about the part that technology continues to play in fine-tuning this engagement. During his time at Slack—the company that notoriously ‘killed’ inter-office email—Bill and his team still effectively leveraged this channel to grow their business and keep customers updated with the latest developments in the company. He also gets into their strategies for getting feedback from customers, how he manages to prioritize the human aspect of email, and how multitouch attribution can help you stand out from the crowd. Key Points From This Episode:Find out what Bill’s earliest email marketing experience was like.  The one-to-one connection that makes email marketing so effective. Bill shares about using catchy subject lines and being a customer-centric marketer. The evolution of the email channel from spray and pray to content that adds value. Thoughts on whether marketers today still struggle to put the customer first. How new software helps marketers to be more thoughtful and build better relationships. Learn about the benefits of multitouch attribution in an overly competitive world. Bill explains how he and his team leveraged email marketing at Slack (the email killer!). Creating content that does not necessarily sell but educate and entertain the audience. Get some insight into the thought processes behind email newsletters at Slack and Zendesk.  How Bill ensures that he always considers the human side of email communication. Examples of how they have managed to elicit responses and feedback from customers. Tweetables:“At the end of the day, that one-to-one connection I thought was just so powerful and there’s just an immediacy that comes from it—it’s a personal connection.” — @bmacaitis [0:02:32]“I’m a big customer-centric marketer. So, what that means is, everything I do, I think about what is the experience going to be for the average person.” — @bmacaitis [0:03:31]“The world is just too competitive; there are too many companies selling what you sell. So, you’ve got to be able to stand out, and I just think through the email, through content, through tone of voice, those are all opportunities to differentiate yourself and provide value.” — @bmacaitis [0:09:09]Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Bill Macaitis on LinkedInBill Macaitis on TwitterSlackZendeskSalesforce Rasa 


23 Jun 2020

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Bill Macaitis – Salesforce, Zendesk and Slack

Marketing Over Coffee Marketing Podcast

In this Marketing Over Coffee: Learn about Bill’s Voyage Through the Cloud! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: LinkedIn and Trust Insights Check out Bill on LinkedIn All across the Cloud – Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack Starting with gaming – Case’s Ladder to IGN Bringing some B2C to Salesforce.com 8:55 LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is how B2B Marketers and advertisers drive brand awareness and generate leads. It’s the only place where you can find over 610 million user accounts, all business focused, that you can target by title and other selects. And we’ve got a special offer for Marketing over Coffee Listeners, you can redeem a free $100 LinkedIn ad credit for your first campaign: Click here to get a $100 for your first campaign! Over to Zendesk Fighting B2B Boredom Slack as email killer Trust Insights MVP Progam shows you which pages on your website make conversions happen Attribution can be a long difficult haul Aided recall, unaided recall, sentiment, share of voice Building a CAT6A network in your house Video for proposals and contracts by GetAccept Sign up for the Marketing Over Coffee Newsletter powered by DotDigital to get early access! Buy The MoC Playbook now! Get episodes early, get the back catalog – get the app for iOS! Or for Android Our theme song is Mellow G by Fonkmasters. The post Bill Macaitis – Salesforce, Zendesk and Slack appeared first on Marketing Over Coffee Marketing Podcast.

3 Jun 2019

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Bill Macaitis on scaling brands like Slack, Zendesk, & Salesforce

Marketing Today with Alan Hart

This week on Marketing Today, Alan speaks with Bill Macaitis, a man that needs no introduction. He has been involved in 5 highly successful tech industry exists with companies such as IGN, Salesforce.com, Zendesk, and Slack. He now enjoys teaching tech founders how to grow and scale their business via sophisticated MarTech stacks and a customer-centric approach to marketing. Macaitis’ mindset is that B2B marketers should be innovating the go-to-market strategy on the marketing side as much as they do on the product side. Macaitis recognizes that many B2B companies feel the need to play it safe and take a very bland approach to branding, and this a great opportunity for those willing to take risks to stand out. He tells stories of how his teams at Zendesk and Slack disrupted conventional customer branding opportunities by making simple things such as logos, loading messages and release notes fun and whimsical. According to Macaitis, “Your brand is the sum of all the little experiences that someone has with your company. Optimizing around each of these experiences, coming up with the right metric, and pivoting” are what leads to a successful recommendation of your product/service. Highlights from this Marketing Today conversation include: Macaitis’ first startup experience in the B2C space was a great lesson in bootstrapping (1:40) Macaitis brought a Consumer DNA to Salesforce.com (3:20) Macaitis’ team disrupted the basic pricing and packaging model at Slack (5:40) Macaitis encourages B2B companies to take risks to develop an emotional connection with their users (9:30) “Everyone does the basics...I like going a few steps further:” Macaitis on using more sophisticated marketing tech stacks (predictive lead scoring, multi-touch attribution, multivariate testing, net promoter score (NPS), etc.) (11:56) Macaitis discusses tips for improving multi-touch attribution models (15:15) It's a really fun debate: Macatais on brand marketing vs performance marketing (17:42) Macaitis on how the B2B space needs more Customer Centricity (22:34) Macatis tells us what he loves about helping companies grow (25:15) Macaitis discusses qualities he looks for in a Founder (26:35) “Be opportunistic:” Macaitis gives sound advice from his career (29:39) Macaitis says the focus should be on lifetime revenue and customer centricity ([34:30])  Other Resources: Slack Teams Do Amazing Things https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6sSa5NpqUI Family Ties Show / Alex P Keaton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hO0HYcfMlfI Sales Automation & Smart Document Tracking https://www.getaccept.com/ Predictive Lead Scoring - https://infer.com/ Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/marketingtodaySee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


15 May 2019

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#CategoryCreation 10: The Story of Salesforce, Slack, and Zendesk w/ Bill Macaitis

B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast

In this episode of the #categorycreation series, John Rougeux interviews Bill Macaitis, who held the CMO and CRO roles at Salesforce, Zendesk, and Slack.


13 Feb 2019

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036: Bill Macaitis on Building the Slack Brand and Team Leadership

Gen X Amplified with Adrion Porter

On this episode of Gen X Amplified, Adrion is joined by software go-to-market leader and the former CMO of Slack, Bill Macaitis. During this awesome interview, they both discuss all things tech, marketing, brand strategy, and team building. Bill Macaitis is considered one of the most prolific marketers within the SAAS industry. He has served as the leading go-to-market executive for 3 of the fastest ever growing SaaS companies: Slack, Zendesk, and Salesforce. At Slack, Bill served as both the Chief Revenue Officer and the Chief Marketing Officer, coming in as marketing employee #1, and building out the entire marketing, sales, customer success and customer support teams. During his tenure, Bill was instrumental in helping Slack become the fastest growing B2B company ever hitting $100M in annual recurring revenue in just over 2 years. Over his career, Bill has achieved a total of 5 exits . Now he enjoys helping other companies achieve hyper-growth with a unique customer centric approach. Bill is also passionate about working with CEO’s to design, recruit, interview and build out world class marketing organizations. Bill also is a strong advocate in mission driven companies who are changing the world for the better with innovative technology and business models. Key Takeaways: Why Bill decided to pivot in career as a B2C and B2B marketing executive at Salesforce, Zendesk, and Slack What lessons Bill learned working some of the most iconic software brands How Bill and his team propelled Slack to become the fastest growing business software application ever Hear the importance of having a strong set of brand values and collaborative team dynamics Why focusing solely on lead generation is a short-term advantage and why focusing on your brand strategy better prepares you for long-term growth Why cultivating the common fiber that unites each generation in your workforce is the key to better team output And so much more! Resources mentioned in this episode: Bill Macaitis on Linkedin Bill Macaitis on Twitter Slack 15Five Bill’s Personal Theme Song “Fight song” by Rachel Platten Thank you for listening!


28 Jun 2018